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Premium wheelchair by Mobilita has an aluminum frame and a nylon backrest and seat, keeping comfort and utility in mind. It has an armres...

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Mobilita presents Premium Wheelchair, an ergonomic mobility aid for senior adults, people with injuries or limited mobility. This aid allows them to be independent and makes moving easier. With a stylish and compact design, the chair is known for its sturdiness and durability. It features a nylon backrest upholstery that can be folded as per one’s requirements. It has flip-up footplates and armrests. The 8-inch (20.32 cm) front wheels and 24-inch (60.96 cm) rear mag wheels of the chair are equipped with fixed PU tires. The compact design is ideal for wheelchair users who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair while traveling short distances or trips. The wheelchair comes with attendant brakes along with a lock + user brake. It has two handles at the back for the attendant to manoeuvre the wheelchair comfortably and safely.


  • To open chair - Open the wheelchair by tilting to one side and pushing the seat rail down until fully opened.
  • To Close / Fold Chair - Firstly, fold foot plates to a vertical position. Grab the seat with both hands at the front and back edge and lift. Or, tilt chair to one side and lift up using seat rail.
  • Flip up Arms – Flip up arms by releasing spring button and lifting arms out of front socket.


  • Adjusting length of Footrest / Leg rest - When adjusting length of foot rests or leg rests, user should be sitting in wheelchair with feet on the foot plates. Loosen bolt on the clamp around support assembly. Raise or lower foot plate to desired position that will provide maximum support of thighs. Front rigging should not be so low that it causes uncomfortable pressure to thighs at front of seat upholstery. Footrest should not be lower than 2-1/2” from the ground to ensure clearance.
  • Adjusting / Elevating Leg rest - Lift foot plate on leg rest assembly to desired position. Release leg rest assembly and it will automatically lock into place. To lower, push out on leg rest lever and lower foot plate to desired position.


  • Wheels - Large rear wheels should be inspected at least once a month to ensure proper tightness. Check for wheel wobble or looseness.
  • General Care - Wipe chrome parts with a clean, soft cloth at least once a week. All metal parts can be cleaned with auto wax or similar products. If exposed to moisture, dry immediately. Do not use an abrasive cleanser that will scratch the finish.


  • Seat upholstery: Nylon Black
  • Backrest upholstery: Nylon Black
  • Push handles: Fixed
  • Footplate: Flip Up
  • Arm pad: Short
  • Front Wheel: 6″ (15.24 cm) Solid Fixed
  • Rear Wheel: 22″ (55.88 cm)
  • Rim Type: Plastic
  • Tire Type: Solid
  • Handrim Type: Plastic
  • Rear wheel axle type: Fixed
  • Rear Wheel position: Standard
  • Brakes: Attendant brakes with lock + User brake


  • Aluminium frame with plastic hand rim
  • Rear and front tires are made of PU
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flip-up armrests and footplates
  • Equipped with attendant brakes and a lock
  • Nylon upholstery with double cross Braces
  • Seat width - 18 inches
  • Rear wheel axle type : Quick release

Product Specifications

Return Policy Non Returnable
Country of Origin China
Importer Eternity, Vijayalakshmi Nagar, Madhanang Kuppam Main Road, Kallikuppam, Ambattur, Chennai- 600 053
Material PP and Aluminium
Product Weight 18.8 kg
Dimensions 83 x 33 x 85 cm
Brand Mobilita
SKU SEN418-M602MC-Config

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1. How much weight can the wheelchair hold?

The wheelchair can hold a maximum weight of 100 kilograms.

2. Is it necessary to always lock the wheels?

Both the wheel locks need to be engaged before getting in or out of the chair, leaning forward in the chair, or while in an elevator or wheelchair lift. Locks are engaged by pushing the handle completely forward. Adjustments to locks are made by loosening or tightening the nut on the carriage bolt. Tighten nut and bolt to secure in position. Test for correct locking action before actual use

3. How to remove the footrests?

The footrests can be removed by releasing the lock by pushing on the front rigging lever. Lift to remove.

From the Manufacturer

Mobilita is a India leader in the development, design and distribution of mobility, Rehabilitation and Senior citizen products. The brand leads in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, high-quality mobility products and services.

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