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Accu Paduka Elite benefits hypertension, arthritis, deep muscle tissue pain and also helps improve sleep and blood circulation. It is embedd...

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Accu Paduka Elite by Star is specifically designed with are affixed with jade stones and tourmaline stones for quicker effects. This special acupressure slippers can improve circulation and alleviate fatigue. It works on acupressure points of the feet and helps promote healthy blood flow, increases oxygen, induces relaxation, and re-energizes feet and legs. It helps relieve stress and improves blood circulation, this improved work circulation promotes the better flow of oxygen and nutrition to the cells and removes all the waste and toxins from the body.
Jade Stone: In the Chinese language, jade word states the ability to bring good health, wealth, and longevity. The stone helps improve the body’s filtration and detoxifies the body. It also helps boost the health of the immune system, improve the functions of the heart, lungs, and thymus.
Tourmaline Stone: known to aid in relieving stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system. It is a powerful agent for reducing toxin-related ailments.
Accu Paduka Elite with these two stones helps to bring balance and harmony to your body systems and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. It also provides massage to the feet and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It works on solar plexus points of the feet and helps keep you calm by relieving all stress. It may help treat hypertension, arthritis pain, body pain, deep muscle tissue pain. It may also help improve sleep, improve blood circulation, and increase energy levels. Accu Paduka is effective in rejuvenating you to the core with the pressure applied to the pressure points of the feet. These accu paduka are made of unbreakable material to ensure durability. The lightweight slippers provide maximum comfort and come with an adjustable front flap for easy use. The slippers are ideal for both men and women.


  • It is advisable to wear these paduka with socks in the beginning.
  • When the plugs on the slippers press your pressure points you might feel some pinching or discomfort.
  • Please give your feet 3-4 days to get used to wearing these slippers bare feet.


  • Relaxes nerves & muscles
  • Embedded with jade stones and tourmoline stones
  • Accupressure Paduka Elite is a waterproof product
  • Features many health benefits
  • Application of reflexology
  • Applies pressure on vital points
  • Promotes good health

Product Specifications

Color Brown
Country of Origin India
Importer The True Worth Inc, Mumbai- 400031
Brand Star
Return Policy 3 Days Replacement in case of manufacturing defects
The product you return must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts
Material Sole of Eva, Jade stones and Tourmaline stones, and Points of ABS Plastic

How to use Accu Paduka Elite

  • Use this accu paduka just like you wear your home shoes in your daily life.
  • Walk with accu paduka for 20 minutes twice a day.
  • Can be used in home or office.

Benefits of Accu Paduka Elite

  • Helps improve blood circulation and digestion
  • Helps strengthen the immune system thus preventing illness
  • Helps decreases muscular tension
  • May helps to increase uptake oxygen and energy levels
  • May help develops a positive mental outlook
  • May helps to balance all body systems
  • Help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Treats sore feet

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From the Manufacturer

The Concept India is a company dedicated to providing customers with comfort, health and quality products. The company was started Nine years ago with the sole purpose of redefining the concept of healthy living. The Concept India (TCI) has achieved high recognition in the health care industry and is known for its quality products. TCI has dealers throughout the length and breadth of the nation and is growing by the day. Star Health aims at providing health care products to cater to most of the health issues that the average Indian faces today. Ensuring relief from pain and relaxation at the same time. The products cover an entire spectrum of health issues.

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