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Activated Coconut Charcoal Natural Air Purifier (100 gm) - Renew Air

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Keep the air around you pure and fresh with Renew Air Activated Coconut Charcoal Natural Air Purifier. The eco-friendly air purifying charcoal bags absorb odor, bacteria, pollutants and excess moisture in the air. An ideal natural alternative to harmful chemical-based purifiers.


Purify the air around you with the all-natural Activated Coconut Charcoal Air Purifier. The natural air purifiers absorb bad odor, bacteria, pollutants and moistures in the air and keep the environment clean, safe and healthy. The coconut-based activated carbon is non-toxic and free from any fragrance, chemicals, BPA, and toxins. The natural purifying bag absorbs pollutants and allergens and helps to keep indoor air pure & reduces allergens, respiratory and asthmatic symptoms. With millions of surface pores and cavities, it also attracts harmful organic and inorganic substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and chloroform emitted from household cleaners, paints, furniture or flooring with a process of adsorption. The bags are easy to use, just hang or place bags in the bedroom, drawing room, children room, wardrobe, car, fridge, etc.

These bio-degradable bags can be recharged, reused and renew in five simple R-Steps

Recharge: Place the bag out in sunlight for 2 hours once in a month.

Reduce: It helps in reducing air pollution in a planet-friendly way.

Reuse: Reusable up to 2 years.

Recycle: After 2 years you can sprinkle the activated carbon in your garden to improve the soil quality. The cloth bags are also biodegradable.

Renew: The bags help in eliminating pollution from the air to make the planet a better place to breathe in.


  • Natural and organic air purifier
  • Fragrance-free charcoal bags
  • BPA, chemical and toxic-free
  • Helps in eliminating bad odors & removes excess moisture
  • Safe for kids & pets

Product Specifications

Country of Origin : India
Brand : Renew Air
Dimensions : 9 x 2 x 8 cm
Return Policy : 3 Days Return in case of Manufacturing Defects
The product you return must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts
Product Weight : 100 gm


1. How long does the charcoal air purifier last?

Renew Air Coconut charcoal natural air purifier can be reused for 2 years.

2. Is it safe to be used daily?

Yes. Renew Air Coconut charcoal natural air purifier is BPA, chemical free and non-toxic which makes it a safe option.

3. How do I recharge the air purifier?

The Renew Air Coconut charcoal natural air purifier can be easily recharged by placing it in the sun for around 2 hours a month.

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