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Kare-In pull up pant style diapers are equipped super spongy gel center keeps you feeling dry and new for a considerable length of time, wit...
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Kare In Pull up pants have breathable sides and back-sheet, which allows skin to breathe and prevent any kind of wet feeling. Its super sensitive internal cotton padding gives an comfortable feeling for a long time. The diaper can be used for 8 hours. Its chance to progress out of those embarrassing moments, recoup your assurance, and experience the pleasure of being free yet again. These diapers are easy to use and have the shelf life of 3 years. Get this today and avoid those humiliating moments in every day life.


  • Pull up pant style diapers
  • Colored stitches on the waistband highlight the front of the underwear
  • Allows for easy removal and quick disposal of diapers
  • Soft and comfortable waist panel helps in discreet fit
  • Unisex - Equally comfortable for men and women alike

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Pack Of 10
Brand Kare In

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1. Are these pant style diapers?

Yes, wear it like a regular clothing and be assured that there will be no leakage.

2. How long does the diaper protect from leakage?

Easycare Pull Up Style Adult Diapers offer up to 8 hours of protection.

3. Can we apply powder or cream before wearing the diaper?

No, please avoid applying powder or cream before using these diapers as they reduce the diaper’s absorbency.

4. Are the diapers suitable for travel?

Yes, as these diapers have a high absorption capacity, they can be used while travelling and protect from leakage for 8 hours.

5. Can this diaper be worn by both men and women?

Yes, this is a unisex diaper.

6. How to wear Pull Up Style Adult Diapers by Kare In without assistance?

  • With the help of a measuring tape, measure the hip and waist size of the user
  • Match the user’s size to the one’s mentioned on the pack to choose the best fit
  • Ensure to wear latex gloves
  • Make sure not to touch the inside of the diaper to avoid contamination
  • Keep the diaper ready by slightly stretching the diaper along the width. to spread the ruffles
  • Check for the blue strings that indicate the front of the diaper
  • While sitting place one foot inside the leg cuff of the diaper
  • Repeat the same for the other leg and slide up the diaper pants to the knee
  • Now stand and pull up the diaper pants further upwards
  • Adjust the diaper pants around the waist by running your fingers through the waist elastic
  • With the help of your fingers, adjust the leak guards evenly around the thigh to prevent leakages

7. How to remove Pull Up Style Adult Diapers by Kare In without assistance while standing?

  • Tear the diaper from the bottom from both sides
  • Bend your legs and remove the diaper
  • Ensure to wear latex gloves
  • Empty the waste into the toilet, before rolling the diaper for disposal
  • Roll the diaper securing the soiled material to remain inside
  • Seal the diaper by sticking the tapes on the sides of the rolled diaper
  • Wrap the used diaper in an old newspaper
  • Discard in a bin
  • As per requirement, take out a fresh diaper
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