AI-Powered Multi-Functional Heart And Sleep Monitor - Dozee

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Multifunctional health monitor by Dozee is a contactless monitoring device that tracks your sleep patterns, heart rate, respiration, stress ...
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Take care of you and your loved ones with this Multifunctional health monitor by Dozee. Tracking health has never been easier! With this health monitor, you can track your sleep patterns, heart rate, respiration & stress levels within the comfort of your home. Just slip the thin sensor under the mattress and doze off without any worries. Dozee tracks and analyses heart health, respiration, sleep quality, stress levels and more with the help of the contact-free sensor. The periodic reports and alerts give you time to act before any symptoms show up. All health data can be checked on the Dozee app, which is managed by health experts and has personalized tips based on your daily records.

Dozee also gives you insights into your sleep which is a very important factor when it comes to health. The monitor detects early signs of health deterioration which helps the user figure it out before it gets serious. It works with a medical-grade accuracy of 98.4% and is validated by independent studies from NIMHANS, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiac Sciences, HCG Oncology. Dozee is compatible with most of the mattresses and works perfectly with two people on the bed. The device’s high accuracy enables it to diagnose risks Heart Failure, Sleep Apnea and Arrhythmia.

For product related queries and warranty details contact Dozee at: or call on 8884436933

The whole Dozee unit comprises of –

  • A contactless health sensor sheet, which has to be placed under the mattress (up to 18 inches) while you sleep
  • The Dozee mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple's app store and needs to be paired with the device

The Dozee smartphone app offers a variety of guided meditation sessions that include –

  • Yog Nidra
  • Breathing exercises
  • Naad yoga(sound meditation)
  • Chakra meditation

Sleep Score and Recovery Score –

  • Dozee Recovery Score: It is an indicator of your last night’s stress recovery. Get personalized recommended relaxation sessions to help boost it.
  • Dozee Sleep Score is an accurate measure used to: Highlight sleep related issues and recommend solutions. It is derived from the data collected after the tracking of health parameters like your vitals, sleep quality, restfulness and sleep schedule.


  • Intelligent type measurement method
  • Minimum and maximum pressure measurement range of 0 mmHg and 280 mmHg respectively
  • Minimum and maximum pulse measurement range of 40 beats/minute and 199 beats/minute
  • Pulse measurement accuracy of +/-5% and Pressure measurement accuracy of +/-3 mmHg

Product Specifications

SKU SEN233-Dozee-HM
Product Weight 500 gm
Brand Dozee
Return Policy Non Returnable

How to use AI-Powered Multi-Functional Heart And Sleep Monitor - Dozee

  • Place it under the mattress
  • Pair it with the Dozee smartphone app
  • And sleep
  • Everyday, wake up and check your Stress Recovery Score, Sleep Score & Heart & Respiratory health snapshot
  • Relax during the day and try to improve sleep with guided meditation
  • Get recovery score after every guided meditation session

Benefits of AI-Powered Multi-Functional Heart And Sleep Monitor - Dozee

  • Get daily, weekly and monthly insights into health
  • Tracks heart rate, respiration, sleep and stress levels
  • Diagnoses illnesses and flags them before they get serious
  • Gives you access to medically relevant services and products
  • Protects against heart diseases and sleep disorders

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  1. 80%
    Truly innovative product!!
    Posted on
    Verified Purchase
    AI-Powered Multi-Functional Heart And Sleep Monitor is simply gr8 and easy to use.
  2. 100%
    Best health tracking device
    Posted on
    Verified Purchase
    This is the best health tracking device I ever seen. Best part of this device is it is contactless. Meditation feature is awesome which help to relax and also reduces stress. Thanks dozee.
  3. 100%
    Very useful and easy to use
    Posted on
    Verified Purchase
    Like magic. Tells about my health from under the mattress
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