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Ankle Splint by Tynor is designed to support, stabilize and immobilize the ankle joint in case of injury or to offer protection against inju...
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Tynor brings to you this ergonomic Ankle Splint designed to immobilize, support, and stabilize the ankle joint. This splint is to be worn after an injury or as protection by people prone to ankle injuries. The Ankle Splint has an anatomical shape and an ergonomic design which provides perfect immobilization and comfort to wearer. It has a rigid exoskeleton shell design to offer better protection and control of the inversion & eversion action of the ankle. Its unique figure of eight gripping design provides effective control on the movement of the ankle. The splint has enough space to accommodate the ankle properly, without causing any discomfort to the wearer. It is made from high quality Ethafoam material and has a moulded splint with perfect anatomy to effectively immobilize the ankle. This Ankle Splint is easy to wear and remove, has a highly cushioned feel, sleek design and a long functional life.

Wash Care Instructions: Simply use a moist/damp wipe or cloth to clean the Ankle Splint.


  • Use this product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor
  • Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of impaired sensation or if the pain increases or persists
  • Misuse or improper use may lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use of another medical device
  • Follow instructions mentioned on the box carefully
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Features

    • Helps immobilize, support, and stabilize the ankle
    • Can be after an injury or for weak ankles
    • Has an anatomical & ergonomic design
    • Has a rigid exoskeleton shell
    • Helps control the inversion & eversion action of the ankle
    • Figure of eight gripping design
    • Large enough room for the ankle
    • Made from Ethafoam material
    • Comes with a moulded splint for extra support
    • Easy & comfortable to wear
    • Highly cushioned & durable

    Product Specifications

    Brand Tynor
    Country of Origin India
    SKU D26
    Material Neoprene & Etha Foam
    Warranty 6 Months Brand Warranty against manufacturing defects.
    Return Policy 3 Days Replacement against manufacturing defects. Exchanges are available only for products that have a size variants.
    The product to be replaced or exchanged must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts

    How to use Ankle Splint - Tynor

    • Place the Foam pads inside the shells
    • Align the Ankle Splint shells to the anatomy of the ankle area
    • Place the injured foot on the neoprene heel piece with one shell on the right and the other on the left side of the ankle
    • Carefully adjust the protrusions of the ankle to the depression in the shells
    • Tighten straps optimally to ensure a snug fit and rigid stabilization

    Recommendation: Tighten straps optimally to ensure intimate fit and rigid stabilization. Make sure to not tighten the straps too much as it should not impair the blood flow to the foot.

    Benefits of Ankle Splint - Tynor

    • May help with hemiplegia of the foot
    • Can be worn during malleolar fractures
    • Great for post-operative & post-cast rehabilitation
    • May help with chronic or recurrent ankle sprains
    • May be able to offer relief from swelling & pain following injury
    • Improves ankle stability and activity
    • May help prevent inversion or eversion injuries of the ankle
    • Can help improve endurance
    • Can be used for prophylaxis for sporting activity

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    1. What is the Ankle Splint made of?

    This Ankle Splint by Tynor is made from Ethafoam material.

    2. Is the Ankle Splint washable?

    No, but the Ankle Splint can be cleaned using a damp wipe or cloth.

    3. How does the Ankle Splint help?

    The Ankle Splint helps immobilize, support and stabilize injured or weak ankle joints.

    4. Is it available in different sizes?

    The Ankle Splint is universal in size, it has large enough room to accomodate the ankle without causing discomfort.

    From the Manufacturer

    Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd. was conceived at a time when Orthopaedic products available to the Indian patients were either of a very low quality or very expensive. Their aim is to provide world class and innovative solutions in the orthopaedics and allied fields. They have been working with academic and medical fraternity to help improve health care products & its standards.

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