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Anklet comfeel by Tynor is a next generation product to provide mild compression, warmth and support to the ankle. It is used to allay pain ...
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An effective way to get rid of ankle problems, Anklet comfeel by Tynor provides relief from pain and inflammation, which can be caused due to injuries, arthritis or old age. It has an anatomic shape which allows you to discreetly wear it underneath footwear. Four-way stretch fabric makes it super comfortable to be worn for longer durations. It offers uniform compression all over the ankle which aids in faster healing due to retention of heat. It is bi-laterally symmetrical which means you can wear it on either one of the ankles. The support has a moulded splint whith perfect anatomy which effectively immobilizes the ankle to make healing faster. You can wear it while carrying out your daily routine without any hinderance.

  • Helps in case of pain and iflammation
  • Has a four-way stretch fabric
  • Offers uniform compression over the ankle
  • Bi-laterally symmetrical
  • Neoprene sleeves provide cushioning
  • Has moulded etha foam pad

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