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Awakening into Oneness explores a phenomenon known as the Oneness Blessing. The book deals with the transition of this phenomenon at a perso...
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The ultimate potential of the Oneness Blessing is much more than its effects on the individual. The Blessing can precipitate a shift toward a completely different state of consciousness, where the sense of "me" as a separate entity dissolves. What remains is a simple and direct realization of Oneness, unclouded by the conceptual mind. The Oneness Blessing has been able to catalyze this shift for thousands of people, both in India and in the rest of the world. This is something so profoundly simple and glorious that it defies logical description. Oneness is the heart's deepest longing, the song of the ages - from Awakening into Oneness.

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Arjuna Nick Ardagh, who has studied with some of the great spiritual adepts of our age, articulates the essential view common to all mysticism: By seeing through our false identification with a separate self, we can awaken to our real nature as awareness itself. Drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Advaita Vedanta (the primary source of his own inspiration), Ardagh skillfully and authoritatively persuades even the most skeptical reader that there really is only one universal Truth.

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