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True Elements Bamboo rice is a unique product as it is a special rice that grows as the end of bamboo grasss lifespan. This product has a st...
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Bamboo Rice by True Elements has an aroma of jasmine green tea-like which can impart a whole new taste to your recipes. It is also a nutritional and healthier substitute for the traditional rice. Usually, the diabetic people are deprived of consuming the sweet payasam due to the presence of certain carbs and sugars in the normal rice. If you have anyone at your place having diabetes, they can consume this rice payasam for the unique taste and health benefits as it is extremely low in glycemic index and has less carbs. This protects the blood sugar levels from spiking and causing harm to diabetics.

Vitamin B is essential for establishment the body and boosting your immune system. Hence, offering this variant of rice to the children can speed up the metabolism rate, keep them energised and eventually improves their gut health. Healthy appetite is a key to healthy living. It helps improve your appetite by preventing bender eating as it is a rich source of fibre. Fibrous foods consumption leads to smooth passage of the stools, avoids constipation and improves the digestive health of the body.

  • Low glycemic index
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Rich in vitamin B
  • Good for diabetic people
  • Consists complex carbs

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Size 1000 gm
SKU SEN210-gr-bm-rice-1000
Shelf Life 6 Months
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand True Elements
Product Weight 1000 gm

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