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  1. 1 Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror - Seniority
    Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror - Seniority
    ₹1,779 ₹2,200
    19% OFF
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  2. 2 Stainless Steel Bathroom Grab Bar - Seniority
    Stainless Steel Bathroom Grab Bar - Seniority...
    ₹1,449 ₹1,999
    28% OFF
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  3. 3 Crystal Corner Cabinet BRC-716 - Ciplaplast
    Crystal Corner Cabinet BRC-716 - Ciplaplast...
    ₹1,199 ₹1,225
    2% OFF
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  4. 4 Caddy Small Corner Shelf BRC-701 - Ciplaplast
    Caddy Small Corner Shelf BRC-701 - Ciplaplast...
    ₹449 ₹477
    6% OFF
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  5. 5 Eco Friendly Non-slip Hole Bath Mat - Lifekrafts
    Eco Friendly Non-slip Hole Bath Mat - Lifekra...
    ₹599 ₹1,499
    60% OFF
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  6. 6 MP3 Corner Shelf BRC-705 - Ciplaplast
    MP3 Corner Shelf BRC-705 - Ciplaplast
    ₹1,719 ₹2,326
    26% OFF
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  7. 7 Itlay Corner Shelf BRC-717 - Ciplaplast
    Itlay Corner Shelf BRC-717 - Ciplaplast
    ₹999 ₹1,062
    6% OFF
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  8. 8 Roll Top Cabinet BRC-706 - Ciplaplast
    Roll Top Cabinet BRC-706 - Ciplaplast
    ₹1,639 ₹2,264
    28% OFF
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  9. 9 Flora Mirror Cabinet BRC-740 - Ciplaplast
    Flora Mirror Cabinet BRC-740 - Ciplaplast...
    ₹2,059 ₹3,067
    33% OFF
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  10. 10 Morries Mirror Cabinet BRC-755M - Ciplaplast
    Morries Mirror Cabinet BRC-755M - Ciplaplast...
    ₹1,029 ₹1,343
    23% OFF
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  11. 11 Pride Mirror Cabinet BRC-827 - Ciplaplast
    Pride Mirror Cabinet BRC-827 - Ciplaplast...
    ₹2,069 ₹2,950
    30% OFF
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  12. 12 Power Perfect Pore - Deemark
    Power Perfect Pore - Deemark
    ₹564 ₹1,599
    65% OFF
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  13. 13 Herbal Hair Oil Combo (Pack of 3) - Deemark
    Herbal Hair Oil Combo (Pack of 3) - Deemark...
    ₹303 ₹405
    25% OFF
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  14. 14 Haldi Chandan Face Wash For Men And Women (Pack Of 5 - 150 ml) Each- Vrinda
    Haldi Chandan Face Wash For Men And Women (Pa...
    ₹599 ₹675
    11% OFF
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  15. 15 Hand and Skin Disinfectant (500 ml x 2) - Azilium
    Hand and Skin Disinfectant (500 ml x 2) - Azi...
    ₹499 ₹500
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  16. 16 4 In 1 Pedicure Foot Scrubber (Pack of 2) - K Kudos
    4 In 1 Pedicure Foot Scrubber (Pack of 2) - K...
    ₹289 ₹999
    71% OFF
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  17. 17 Herbal Hair Oil Combo Pack(Pack of 2) - Deemark
    Herbal Hair Oil Combo Pack(Pack of 2) - Deema...
    ₹202 ₹270
    25% OFF
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  18. 18 Eco Friendly Non-slip Vinyl Bath Mat for Kids (White, 76 x 43 cm) - Lifekrafts
    Eco Friendly Non-slip Vinyl Bath Mat for Kids...
    ₹559 ₹899
    38% OFF
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  19. 19 Anti Slip Shower Mat 60 x 85 - Shresmo
    Anti Slip Shower Mat 60 x 85 - Shresmo
    ₹2,590 ₹2,595
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  20. 20 Toilet Safety Rails - Vissco
    Toilet Safety Rails - Vissco
    ₹4,346 ₹4,703
    8% OFF
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  21. 21 PVC Anti Slip Bath Mat with Suction Cup (90 x 58 cm) - Lifekrafts
    PVC Anti Slip Bath Mat with Suction Cup (90 x...
    ₹789 ₹999
    21% OFF
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Bathroom Aids

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your home, but things can often get tricky and unsafe in there. There are so many factors to consider when building/renovating/decorating/safe-proofing the bathroom and so many necessities to add. We are here to help you with all you could ever need in a safe and hygienic bathroom.

Here at Seniority, we have a wide range of bathroom aids that will help make your bathroom area safe to use. Not only that, but we also have all the hygiene necessities so that your bathroom is stocked at all times. You will find products such as grab bars, commode chairs and stools, bathroom aids for mobility, personal hygiene products, bathroom aids for elderly, toilet essentials like sanitizer sprays, seat covers and much more.

Bathroom Accessories:

Bathroom Accessories come in various forms. They may be shelves, cabinets, organizers or mats & safety accessories, dispensers & holders, portable bathroom fixtures like shower heads and water heaters. These bathroom accessories speak functionality but also give your bathroom an aesthetic vibe and a neat look. As a senior adult or a person with mobility issues, it is important to have tools and accessories that will make it simpler for you to use the bathroom. All these accessories can be found in markets as well, but we have narrowed them down to the essentials, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for the perfect product.

    Eg: • Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror - Seniority

    Eg: • Hygienic Bidet - Seniority

    Eg: • Cleo Shower Filter - Water Science

    Eg: • Polyresin Floral Soap Dispenser - Shresmo

Commodes & Accessories:

The bathroom is a hazardous place for individuals with mobility issues or for some senior adults. The risk goes up when one is using the commode, as usually, there is no grip or support while sitting or standing up and that is when many accidents might happen. Bathroom aids by Seniority act as assistance devices for you when you use the commode. They offer substantial support to the elderly or injured individuals to prevent any incidents.

We, at Seniority, offer a large range of Commode accessories to make it safe for people to use the bathroom, even without assistance from helpers and caretakers. The product categories offered by us are Portable and Wheelchair Commodes, that are considered ideal bathroom mobility aids for many; Safety Handles & Rails add extra support while you use the commode. They are added to the commode structure so that you can hold them while you sit down or get up from the commode, which reduces the risk of falling. Commode Chairs & Stands, a bathroom aid for wheelchair-bound individuals; and other Support Accessories.

    Eg: • Commode Chair (SC897) - Smart Care

    Eg: • Bed Pan Sleek Deluxe - Naulakha

    Eg: • Height-adjustable Toilet Safety Rail Stainless Steel - Pedder Johnson

    Eg: • Toilet Squat Stool - Seniority

Grab Bars & Shower Chairs:

Bathrooms are risky, especially for individuals who have difficulty moving around without assistance. Chances of accidents are higher when using the bathtub or shower. A few additions and modifications to the bathroom will help make it safe for the elderly, injured people or individuals with limited mobility. We have a variety of bathroom aid products that will make your bathroom safe for everyone.

Support Bars:

Support Bars are designed to make it simpler to get up or sit down in the bathtub and are also available for attaching near the commode. A grab bar/support bar offers an easy grip which helps in maintaining balance and stability. When attached in the shower, it prevents severe injuries due to falls and allows seniors to use the bathroom and shower all by themselves. Seniority offers a wide range of grab bars and railings that will make your bathroom safe to use.

    Eg: • Solido T(560 - 690 mm) - Drive DevilBiss

    Eg: • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Toilet Grab Bar - KosmoCare

Shower Chairs & Stools:

As we grow older, weakness and immobility can make simple tasks like showering, more challenging. For this purpose, we’ve come up with a variety of shower chairs and stools that are specially designed to be used in the shower. They offer much needed support to individuals as they do not need to stand while showering. In addition to being beneficial to seniors, it also helps people with limited mobility or disable people. These chairs and stools are waterproof which means they are completely safe to use and are not damaged due to water.

Types of Shower Chair:

1. Shower chair with backrest:

    This shower chair is suitable for people who need maximum support when taking a shower and cannot sit straight without support. This type of shower chair comes with armrests and the frame is designed to provide extra comfort to the user. It is best suited for people who need extra assistance.

    Eg: • Aluminum Shower Chair - KosmoCare

2. Shower chair with arms:

To make it more convenient, this type of shower chair has armrests that provide comfort to the user. Armrests make it easier for the user to sit on the chair or get up. Shower chair with an armrest is suitable for people who need support while sitting, standing and while washing up.

    Eg: • Foldable Aluminium Shower Chair M400 - Mobilita

3. Wall mounted shower seat:

This type of shower chair can be mounted to the bathroom wall for a more comfortable experience. This eliminates the need to move the chair again and again and offers the same type of support. The user can choose between a foldable or fixed shower chair. A foldable one will save space and may also have drop-down legs, armrests and backrest.

    Eg: • Plus Shower Seat With Horizontal Wall Track – Pressalit

Personal Care & Hygiene:

A bathroom is not just about safety but has to be hygienic as well. It should have all the hygiene necessities to keep your bathroom and you clean. Personal care is very important no matter how old one is, as looking after yourself helps in maintaining health and well-being, and also boosts self-confidence. Seniority has a wide range of hygiene products, not only for personal hygiene, but also to keep your bathroom neat and tidy. We have categorized our products into four categories, i.e., Toilet Hygiene, Men’s Grooming, Grooming Essentials and Feminine Hygiene.

Toilet Hygiene:

It is important to maintain complete hygiene in the toilet as it may be used by more than one individual. We have narrowed down a range of products that will help you disinfect your bathroom and maintain personal hygiene at the same time. The products that constitute toilet hygiene are Toilet Seat Covers, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Toilet Disinfectant Spray and other similar products.

    Eg: • Flushable Toilet Seat Cover (20 Pieces) – PeeBuddy

    Eg: • Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Lemon Fragrance - San Nap

    Eg: • Toilet Sanitizer (75 ml x 2) - Medo Specia

Men’s Grooming:

Gone are the days when grooming was only considered to be for women. There are so many ways in which men can maintain personal hygiene and groom themselves. Seniority has a huge array of products that allow men to take care of themselves. The products are categorized into: Beard and Moustache care, Shavers and Trimmers, shaving creams, foams and gels, Grooming kits, body and hair care which includes shower gels etc. and health care and hygiene.

    Eg: • Shaving Brush - Bombay Shaving Company

    Eg: • Shaving Essentials Kit - Bombay Shaving Company

    Eg: • I Am Relaxed Shampoo Plus Body Wash (250 ml) - Man Arden

    Eg: • Cooling Shaving Gel (100 gm) - Mothers Man

Grooming Essentials:

Personal hygiene is incomplete if one does not take care of their grooming needs. It is important to take care of yourself by bathing, washing your hair or taking care of your personalized grooming needs. Grooming is now considered a part of daily hygiene instead of something that is done occasionally. We have a wide range of products that fulfil your grooming needs such as shampoos, shower gels, moisturizers, sweat pads, face packs and much more.

    Eg: • Combo of Anti Chafing Rash Cream + Body Wash – Sirona

    Eg: • Under Arm Sweat Pads, 36 Pads (3 Pack - 12 Pads Each) – Sirona

    Eg: • 4 In 1 Pedicure Foot Scrubber (Pack of 4) - K Kudos

    Eg: • Recharge Coffee Face Wash 100 ml - Cleanses Away Dirt- Oil and Dullness - Man Arden

Feminine Hygiene:

Feminine Hygiene has come a long way over the decades. There are now so many aids that make grooming and maintaining hygiene simpler for women. It is not only important to take care of general grooming needs like washing your hair or showering but also women-centric needs. This may include taking care of yourself while on your period, removing body hair etc. We have multiple categories of hygiene products for women such as shaving and hair removal, menstrual hygiene, intimate hygiene, travel kits, health care and hygiene and grooming appliances. Each category has products that best suit your needs and are also made for comfort, like period pain-relief patch etc.

    Eg: • Reusable Menstrual Cup – Sirona

    Eg: • Reusable Menstrual Cup - After Delivery or Above Age 25 Years (Large) - Mjoy

    Eg: • Travel Hygiene Kit for Women – PeeBuddy

    Eg: • Herbal Pain Relief Patches (2 Pack - 5 Patches Each) - Sirona

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I buy bathroom aids?

You can find all types of bathroom aids either online or in markets. We, at Seniority, have narrowed down bathroom aids that are most important and have curated many important categories to make it simpler for you to navigate through products for your safety needs.

2. Where can I purchase bathroom aids online?

You can purchase bathroom aids for various needs from Seniority. We have many categories of bathroom aids available, including bathroom aids for elderly, bathroom aids for disabled and personal care based categories such as grooming and hygiene.

3. What are the advantages of using bathroom aids for the elderly?

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of your home as this is where most accidents happen. Adding bathroom safety aids for seniors enables them to independently move around and use the area without assistance. Bathroom aids for elderly come in various forms, including commode accessories, shower chairs and stools, grab bars and personal care and hygiene.

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