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Commode Accessories

The bathroom is a potentially hazardous area for most people, and the risks go up tenfold for the elderly or those with limited movement. Slick wet surfaces or hard fixtures placed around your bathroom could be life threatening if any accident occurs, causing one to slip and fall.

Toilet assistance devices like bathroom commode accessories can act as a substantial support for the elderly or handicapped to prevent fatal and non-fatal injuries in the bathroom.

Solutions for a safe bathroom should be a leading priority, and that is why we at Seniority provide you with a wide range of toilet commode accessories like a commode toilet seat, toilet safety rails, folding commode chairs, wall-mounted commode chairs, commode seat and more.

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Elderly people in loss of autonomy who want to use the bathroom and maintain personal hygiene can make use of the right bathroom commode accessories to simplify their life.

Toilet commode accessories are safer to use in either a room or bathroom. Handicap toilet accessories can act as a great aid for someone that has limited mobility and cannot easily move to the bathroom.

Shop from the wide range of toilet accessories for the elderly online at Seniority to provide assistance and comfort to your family members. Our range of bathroom safety equipment for seniors and the disabled include folding commode chairs, assisted shower commode wheelchairs, folding commode bowls, commode raised toilet seat with clasps and more.

Shop Various Commode Accessory Online

Increased safety means less worrying for you; thus, you can modify your existing bathroom with important improvements to help prevent any fatal or non-fatal accidents, while using the bathroom.

Seniority offers a comprehensive range of bath safety equipment which includes commode handrails or grab bars, safety handles and rails, shower chairs, portable commode toilet seat and much more.

The different types of commode accessories include –

Portable commode toilet seat

A portable commode toilet seat can easily be moved around. It can be used to assist a person who has difficulty getting to the bathroom and can be used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to an illness, injury or disability.

Commode raised toilet seat

Raised toilet seats are elevated and provide a more comfortable seating for individuals who find it difficult to sit and stand. The seats help make lowering and standing on the toilet easier.

Commode cushion seat

It is a type of a cushion that can be placed on a commode seat and is made of soft foam. A commode cushion seat is designed to offer comfort and offer exceptional relief from pressure.

Commode toilet seat

These are lightweight and usually portable that feature a high toilet seat with arms. Also known as a commode seat they fit on top of an existing toilet and sometimes the height can be adjusted as per your requirement.

Commode handrails

Handrails provide safety support when lowering to and raising from the toilet seat.

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Western Commode Accessories Online

Toilet commode accessories

These accessories include a range of western commode accessories, toilet seats, seat covers, commode cushion seat, commode handrails, commode raised toilet seat and more.

Bathroom commode accessories

Bathroom commode accessories include a range of products that can help improve bathroom safety for seniors and decrease their dependence on family members.

Seniority offers several models of commode chairs and stands such as adjustable Indian commode, folding commode chairs, shower commode wheelchairs, portable travel toilets and much more.

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