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Commode Chairs & Stands

A commode chair for old age aims to offer more safety for people with limited mobility, to minimize the risk of an injury. It is a movable toilet that can be placed at the beside of the bed of a person and can be used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to an illness, injury or disability.

Also known as a toilet chair or a commode stool, it is equipped with wheels so that it can be easily transported to the bathroom or shower. A movable toilet chair for elderly, it features a toilet seat and a container attached underneath the chair.

It does not require the Commode Chairsuse of water; thus, this type of a handicap portable chair can be placed beside the bed if an individual with limited mobility cannot walk to the bathroom.

Commode Chairs for Elderly, Handicapped and Patients

Convenience, secure storage, and easy transportation! A Commode stool is very useful and easy to use for physically challenged individuals or senior adults with back or knee problems in order to improve the quality of their life. It proves to be beneficial for individuals that are weak or unsteady and are at a higher risk of falling.

Buy Commode Chair Online

Looking for a commode chair online for your loved ones? Seniority offers several models of commode chairs and stands such as adjustable commode chair, folding commode chair, shower commode wheelchairs, plastic commode chair and much more.

Types of Commode Chair

    • Commode chair wall mounted

    These types of chairs can be used with all Indian commodes by simply fitting it on a wall. It enables individuals to easily sit without causing any strain. Height of certain commodes can be adjusted and are very easy to clean.

    Example: Wall-mounted Indian Conversion Commode - Pedder Johnson

    • Adjustable commode chair

    It is a height adjustable commode chair that allows the user to choose the right height as per their requirements. The commode can be removed for cleaning and can be fitted back to use like a regular chair.

    Example: Invalid Commode With Cover - Vissco

    • Folding commode chair

    The folding commode stool is a great piece of equipment that can facilitate the use of a toilet in the bedroom, without having to walk to the toilet or ask for assistance. Its foldable design allows ease of carrying and storing in small spaces.

    Example: Foldable Commode Chair without Armrest (Front Cut) C779A - Entros

    • Plastic commode chair

    Made of high-grade plastic, these commode chairs are lightweight in nature. They are convenient to transport from one place to another and are easy to store as well.

    Example: Comfort Folding Commode without Castors - Vissco

    • Stainless steel commode chair

    A stainless steel toilet chair is manufactured using premium quality steel and is specially designed for heavyweight individuals. It is rust free, durable and build to last for several years.

    Example: Commode Stool - KosmoCare

    • Portable commode chair

    An essential device for individuals who have severe mobility, a portable commode chair is convenient to use as it can be easily transported. A portable commode chair is ideally foldable and lightweight.

    Example: Portable Orthopedic Toilet - Seniority

Toilet Chair For Patients & Elderly

Elderly adults in loss of autonomy who want to use the bathroom and maintain personal hygiene can make use of the right bathroom commode accessories to simplify their life.

A toilet chair looks like a chair, but functions as a toilet and is designed to offer more safety and significant support for the elderly or handicapped.

Toilet chair for patients are a practical option for individuals who have undergone surgery in the stomach or the knees and are on bedrest in hospitals.

Commode Chairs

Commode Chair at Lowest Price Online

Seniority has a variety of commode chairs or stools to offer from top brands like Vissco, Pedder Johnson, Kosmocare and more.

Simplify your life and reduce the risk of an injury with a commode chair or commode stool from Seniority available at best prices online.

Choose Commode Chair From Various Brands at Seniority

Easy care commode chair

Easy care offers a wide spectrum of healthcare products and is focused on serving both professional and consumer markets worldwide. Their range of commode chairs are available in different models, each having unique features

Karma commode chair

One of Asia’s largest wheelchair providers, Karma offers a range of commode chairs that are sturdy. With a long lifespan, their chairs are comfortable and easy to use.

Karma commode chair rainbow 2

Especially designed for elderly adults and disabled individuals, the Karma commode chair rainbow 2 features an adjustable height and is also coated with a silvery powder for a longer lifespan. Offering comfort and stability, it can also be easily transported.

Kosmocare commode chair

Kosmocare offers a wide range of imported wheelchairs, commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, rollators, sticks, fowler bed and bed accessories for physically challenged and elderly individuals. KosmoCare commode chairs are comfortable, easy to handle and folds simply.

Example: Aluminum Shower Chair - KosmoCare

Tynor commode chair

Tynor commode chairs ideally come with an armrest and backrest and can be easily folded without dismantling. Its foldable design makes it easy for transportation and storage.

Vissco commode chair

Vissco is one of India’s leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopedic and mobility aids. They have an extensive range of orthopedic and rehabilitation products — from small sprains to chronic conditions. Vissco has a wide range of mobility commode chairs and disability commode walkers.

Example: Steel Folding Commode Chair - Vissco
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