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  1. 1 Back Support Lumbar Pad - Seniority
    Back Support Lumbar Pad - Seniority
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  2. 2 D Shape Lumbar Roll - Transval
    D Shape Lumbar Roll - Transval
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  3. 3 D Shape Ortho Lumbar Roll - Transval
    D Shape Ortho Lumbar Roll - Transval
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  4. 4 Back Buddy Postural Support - Transval
    Back Buddy Postural Support - Transval
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  5. 5 Sleeper Lumbar Roll - Transval
    Sleeper Lumbar Roll - Transval
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  6. 6 Ortho Lumbar Pad - Transval
    Ortho Lumbar Pad - Transval
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  7. 7 Back Buddy - Back and Neck Support for Senior Citizens - Transval
    Back Buddy - Back and Neck Support for Senior...
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  8. 8 Cylindrical Shape Otho Lumbar Roll - Transval
    Cylindrical Shape Otho Lumbar Roll - Transval...
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Back Rest

Today's lifestyle often includes individuals setting for a long period of time - at work, commuting to and from one place to another, while watching TV or sitting in front of a computer. This leads to development of incorrect postures like hunching, slouching in a chair which in turn results in back pain.

A back rest is a lightweight, portable support that can help maintain the normal curvature of the spine which reduces stress on your muscles and ligaments. Over time, a back rest can relive the anterior pressure on the vertebras to help decrease back pain and minimizing the likelihood of an injury.

Buy Backrest Online in India

A number of backrests are available online at best prices in India. Buy from top brands based on your need and the level of pain experienced for utmost comfort.

Backrest at Lowest Price Online at

At Seniority, you can choose from a wide range of backrests designed for use in a car, on a chair or in bed. Give your neck and back much needed support and rest by buying from our selection of lumbar back rests, neck or back rest pillows, abdominal belts and more.

Types of Back Rest

    1. Orthopedic back rest

    Featuring an ergonomic design, an orthopedic back rest provides a countered support to ensure your spine is correctly aligned. It helps increase back support and comfort while sitting to reduce back pain.

    2. Portable backrest

    These backrests are lightweight with certain models featuring a foldable option. They are suitable for use at home, in office and or for a car seat.

    3. Wooden backrest for bed

    A backrest handcrafted using premium wood, it usually features a breathable and soft mesh that allows for better air circulation. Some also have beads attached to the back rest that targets pressure points to help relieve back, neck, and spine pain.

    4. Adjustable backrest for bed India

    These types of backrests can be adjusted to provide varying degrees of inclination according to an individual’s requirement. Often used to keep patients sitting upright on the bed or floor, it is easy to adjust as per the need to different angles.

    5. Executive backrest

    An executive backrest is scientifically designed for office chairs to help improve the sitting posture and prevent backaches. The backrest can also be used on a car seat to relieve a strained back while driving.

Hospital Backrest for Bed for Patients

    1. Backrest for bed for patients

    Used to help a patient sit upright on the bed, hospital backrests are easy to adjust as per the need and can be adjusted to different angles. Lightweight, a hospital back rest for use on bed, is ideally foldable making it easy to move from one place to another.

Backrest for Bed online at Lowest Price in India

    1. Backrest for bed

    A bed back rest can be used by anyone for back support sitting up in bed to eat, drink, read or watch television. These are usually adjustable, foldable and portable.

    2. Back support cushion

    A back support cushion is ergonomically designed to contour your spine, improve your posture and relieve back pain. Ideally made of memory foam, it is both soft and firm to help your spine align comfortably. The cushion may also have adjustable straps that can be used to fix the cushion firmly to a seat.

Backrest Sizes

While purchasing an orthopedic back rest, it is important to pick the right size for your back. This is done by simply measuring your lower back area and matching it up to the sizes given for the backrest you wish to choose. If your mid-section is larger, than consider sizing up for a more comfortable and snug fit.

Available in multiple sizes, you can choose from standard sizes like a small backrest, medium backrest, large backrest and more.

Choose From Various Back Rest Online at

    1. Vissco backrest

    A Tynor back rest is designed to ensure perfect fitting, enhanced immobilization and the right spinal posture. A Tynor back rest is available in different types and sizes, for different medical conditions and pain.

    2. Tynor back rest

    Wearing a knee cap for pain relief can offer compression around the affected area and can help ease pain in the joint.

    3. Amron backrest

    An Amron backrest is scientifically and ergonomically designed to correct the wrong sitting posture while working, driving or relaxing.

    4. Vissco hospital back rest

    The Vissco hospital back rest is used to help the patient sit upright on the bed. This backrest for patients’ beds is ideally adjustable and foldable, making it portable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is backrest?

A backrest is used as a support for your back when seated. These cushions are designed to prevent wrong sitting positions by providing the proper support required to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

2. How to use backrest?

A lumbar back support helps maintain the correct posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

3. Which is best back rest?

There are a number of back rests that can provide you with the required back support. A back rest can help ease your back pain and help provide your lower back with the requisite support as well. Shop from a wide selection of back rests online from Seniority to ensure your back is properly aligned while sitting and driving.

4. How much does a back rest cost?

Depending on the type of back pain or injury, there are different types of back supports available to suit an individual’s need. There are several types of back supports available, each priced based on their functionality, material and durability.

Choose from Seniority’s wide range of back supports for your chair, car or bed online from Seniority.

Buy from top brands like Vissco, tynor, Amron and more to correct your posture and help reduce back pain.

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