Beta-Alanine Powder (200 gm - Unflavored) - Natures Velvet

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Beta-Alanine Powder (Unflavored) by Nature's Velvet is an amino acid and can be used for improving athletic performance and exercise stamina...
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Natures Velvet Beta-Alanine Powder (200 gm) has anti-oxidant, immune-enhancing and anti-aging properties. You can combine it with BCAAs, citrulline malate, glutamine, creatine for better results. Usually, weight training and athletic activities cause our body to produce lactic acid which results in a drop of pH due to a large number of hydrogen ions produced. As the muscle pH drops, its ability to perform at its peak level goes down. Beta-Alanine Powder by Natures Velvet is the building block of carnosine, a molecule that helps buffer acid in the muscles. As the pH gets restored, the muscle fatigue gets reduced further allowing you to exercise more with all the power you need.

  • Protein metabolism
  • Essential Amino acid
  • Pre-work out Supplement
  • Boosts Athletic Performance
  • For Muscle Building and Endurance
  • No preservatives, no added sugar, no gluten, no soy
  • Formulated by pharmacists and manufactured in a FSSAI /AYUSH-approved facility following strict GMP guidelines

Product Specifications

SKU SEN205-betaalA
Size 200 gm
Shelf Life 24 Months
Return Policy Non Returnable
Ingredients Beta Alanine Powder
Brand Natures Velvet
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 13 cm

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