10 Easy Ways to Meet New People in Old Age

Have you ever wanted to meet new people and feel more connected in the autumn years of your life?

If yes, then this blog is just for you.

It’s easy to be socially active when one is young, but with growing age it gets difficult. But as they say, “it’s never too late”. So let’s see how you can overcome the resistance to speak to someone at this age and make them your friends.

Well, you can start from where you are located now. If you are not very social, talking to your neighbours is the first step to start socializing. You can meet them, invite them for dinner, and so on. You can also explore your neighbourhood to find out more about your places, and possibly, you may find some new friends. Then you can take help of the modern tech world, and socialise using social media apps.

So, let us explore today what are the different ways to find new friends at old age.


Here are 10 simple tips on how to make new friends in old age:

  • Go to the invitations you have received: Do not avoid any invite. Be it an invite to someone’s wedding, to a cultural event in the society, or to a family dinner; accept the invitations.
  • Meet friends of friends: You may be in touch with old friends. You can meet their friends over a small tea party or get together. This is a good way to increase your friend circle.
  • Join a yoga class:


You can join a yoga class, or even opt for any other class depending on your interest i.e dance, art, cooking, guitar, etc. This helps you maintain your health and active lifestyle while making new friends.

  • Socialise in the park:

You can take early morning walks or opt for an evening time to take a stroll. A walk in the park will keep you fit, plus, help you to grow the network of your acquaintance and friends. In case, you are a pet lover or have a pet, go with a pet; It’s easy to start a conversation with others having common interest or love for animals.

  • Meet grandparents through the friends of your grandkids: Meet people of your age by simply inviting grandparents of the friends of your grandkids. Meet them or invite them for dinner or barbeque. Your grandkids will be happy, and you will meet new friends.
  • Join A Community:There are several communities dedicated to Senior Citizens. Join a community that creates regular events and hosts programs on various subjects. This will help you not only learn something new and different but also connect with people with similar interests. Seniority hosts various events for Senior Citizens across the country. To know more about these programs join our WhatsApp community by click on the link below. 


  • Join a book club or library: 

If you love books, you can think of joining a local library. This is where you’ll find local people with a common interest in reading and love for the books. Also, you can keep a small reading session or start a new book club if there isn’t; chances are many might be eagerly waiting to have one such book club.

  • Become a volunteer: You can opt and volunteer to share your knowledge and experience with some of the NGOs, TRUST, small companies, Rotary Club, or become a committee member of your housing society, with such opportunities for volunteering, chances of meeting new people and making friends are good.

You can host a simple house party and invite your neighbours, friends from work and ask them to come along with friends of theirs, who share the same love for your type of music.   

  • Social Media and Websites to find new friends: If you’ve been still thinking on how to find new friends, then you can opt for websites to make friends, plus take help of social media network to make new friends.


Social media network apps like Facebook can be used to connect with old friends—with whom you have lost touch and also, to find new friends—who possibly could be of though your common friends. Moreover, add friends from your local area or the person you met in your Yoga class.

You can also make use of MeetUp website which is good to find friends in your locality with a common interest, group activity, or passion and of similar age group.

The easiest and the simplest way, no matter the location or occasion — in the queue while at a billing counter at a grocery store or reading a book in a cafe, start a conversation with someone.

The chances of meeting new people and making them your friends’ increases once you step out from home. The more you get out of your home and comfort zone, the chances are better.