10 Facts And Trivia On RD Burman



Be it a young gentleman or an elderly chap, we all have hummed an RD Burman song. Known for his exceptional music skills, he was a legendary composer. Even today, no composer could match up to Pancham Da’s musical vision. RD Burman had a colorful life, so on his birth anniversary, let’s check how big a fan are you? How well do you know him? Can you get all the answers right? 



1. What is RD Burman’s full name?



- Rohit Das Burman


- Rahul Dev Burman


- Ram Deep Burman


2. RD Burman’s father has also been a renowned musician. What is his name?



- Sachin Burman


- Sriram Burman


- Sudeepto Burman


3. Pancham Da had a passion for a sport. Which sport was it?



- Cricket


- Swimming


- Hockey


4. Guess the name of RD Burman’s first Bengali composition



- Amar malati lata


- Aagami shishura


- Jete jete pathe holo


5. Guess the film Panchan Da worked in as an actor



- Mehbooba


- Bhoot Bungla


- Pyar ka Mausam


6. He had a passion for harvesting one particular vegetable. Which was that?



- Chillies


- Tomatoes


- Carrots


7. RD burman kept emptying a little soda bottles to create a background score for a song. Which song was it?



- O maajhi re


- Yeh shaam mastaani


- Churaliya hai tumne 


8. In the song  ‘Dhanno ki aankhon mein’ from Kitaab, Panchan Da used a different instrument to create background music. Which one was it?



- Saxophone


- Flanger


- Mouth Organ


9. The only genre that Pancham da had no patience for was 



- Western classical music


- Western rock music


- Western countryside music


10. Pancham da had a phobia of an animal for life. Which was it?



- Snakes


- House lizard


- Spiders

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