10 Reasons Why Seniors Must Unclutter Their Homes

As we age, we gain more than just possessions – the years add perspective, wisdom, and experience to our lives. Although sometimes, we prefer to keep more belongings than we can truly handle.

It is great to be prepared; it’s nice to hold on to things with sentimental value.

However, there comes the point when you cross the line from ‘prepared’ to ‘over-prepared’; your belongings and keepsakes tend to overcrowd the house. So, it can prove beneficial to do some decluttering for seniors who have held on to things for a little too long.

Getting rid of stuff after retirement can prove quite beneficial, actually. But you may not have the strength or motivation to put in a big effort to clean things out. If you don't have the wherewithal to do it yourself, you can always enlist the help of your children or make it a fun project for your grandchildren. Or, you could hire home organizers and clutter management consultants and services like Joy Factory and Organise with Ease.

We have put together a helpful list of reasons why it is beneficial to stop hoarding and start decluttering for seniors. Take the time to consider these tips and to think why it may be time to pick through your possessions and bin the stuff you don't need.


Reasons for Seniors to Declutter, Downsize and Organize Their Homes


1. Ease of Mobility

Having fewer objects around leaves more space for you to move around in. Roomier is always better for older adults, and there’s less of a risk that you will stub your toe or trip over something as well if you clear up all the mess in your home.

2. De-stressing

Looking at all the piled-up objects collecting dust can cause feelings of anxiety for you and family. So, getting rid of stuff after retirement can help improve your mental state. This is as good a reason as any to cut down on the clutter at home.

3. The Joy of Giving

When you are cleaning up stored items and possessions, you don’t need to throw them all away. Instead, you can donate objects that are in good nick to charities and make sure that objects you don’t need, like old furniture or a computer, for example, can be used by someone who will benefit a lot from them.

4. Nostalgia Trip

Going through your old belongings is like a walk down memory lane. They may not be useful today, but it would be great to revisit the memories associated with them before you dispose of them. You can remind yourself of good and bad times and refresh old memories.

5. Closure

Sometimes you need to let go of something to help move on with your life. Whether it’s a loved one who is no longer around, or just an echo of a time in your life, removing items associated with a memory can help you move forward in life.

6. Clean Up the Dust

Things hoarded for years tend to gather dust. And living in a dusty home is a major health hazard. So decluttering and cleaning a dusty apartment could lead to a healthier environment.

7. Cheer up the Young Ones

Something that you have no longer a need for - a memento, piece of fancy clothing, or something of value, will make for a great gift to family members. A grandchild might appreciate an old hat or your college-going nephew or niece might find a better use for one of your old wristwatches. Make people happier by gifting them a prized, old possession.

8. Fulfillment

That feeling of pleasure you get out of accomplishing a task is like no other. So you are guaranteed to feel good about yourself once you have finished a purge of your old, unwanted possessions. So make sure you tick off this chore and bask in the glory of a job well done.

9. Out with the Old, In with the New

That’s an old proverb for a reason. How can you make space for new stuff if you don’t toss out the old? Decluttering will not only let you get rid of things you don’t need but also let you make space for many things you might actually need. That’s a win-win right there.

10. Make a Quick Buck

If you have objects that still hold value, like an old painting, a grandfather clock, attractive curios and the like, you might just be able to make a small windfall by selling the stuff. That amount of money can help finance a timely purchase or even a small holiday trip with family.

Those were ten solid reasons for stop hoarding and start clearing out the house of all the stuff you don’t need anymore. As nostalgic as they make you, there’s more value in enjoying the moment than in wallowing in the past.

So make sure that you make it your new year’s resolution to clear out old items, reduce the stress, and add space and freedom to your life.