10 Ways to Live Life with No Regrets

There are no regrets in life, just lessons – Jennifer Aniston

If you have no regrets, then probably you haven’t lived an interesting life.

It is normal to have regrets like unexpressed feelings, unresolved conflicts, not having travelled enough, or poor health choices. Too many of us spend our precious time in the 70s and 80s brooding over our regrets, but letting those regrets spoil your present and future isn’t wise.

Sometimes regrets absorb us so much that we isolate ourselves from society. However, isolation does no good. It pushes us further into painful conditions such as depression. What we need for a happy and healthy life is inner healing and self-acceptance.

“It is better to say – Yes, I have made mistakes but, I did my best with the information I had. In the end, it made me a better person.”

A joyful second half of your life depends greatly on a shift in your mindset. People who have chosen to put aside the stereotypes that society imposes on them with old age are the happiest. They don’t try to ‘fit in.’ They are happy being themselves.


How Can Seniors Live Life Without Worrying About Regrets?


Here are ten tips to set aside regrets and live a life with pride.

    • Don't let age change your attitude

      Coco Chanel was still in charge of her empire at age 85. Ranulph Fiennes climbed the Everest at age 65 and completed a 156-miles run across the Sahara Desert at the age of 71. How our minds perceive ourselves and the past, and how we handle present adversities are central to living without guilt and regrets.


  • Read, watch, and listen to better things

    It’s time to turn off that news channel. When was the last time you read a genuinely wonderful book, watched a favorite television series, or listened to evergreen songs that help transcend bitter thoughts? Start making positive choices today.

  • Learn to forgive and find forgiveness

    ‘Those who are forgiven much, love much’, said Jesus Christ. Nothing sets you free like the truth that people are flawed and yet, forgiveness is the only way out. Humble yourself, make that phone call or visit, and start your journey toward finding real forgiveness and freedom from regrets.

  • Socialize with people of all ages

    You don’t have to limit your social circle to the older generation only. Avoid those who don’t welcome you in their circle of friends and consider you as inadequate. Find those who do and participate in community activities.

  • Take the time to give back

    Sometimes regrets can be made right. You might always have wanted to do more for the people around you, or for the underprivileged. What better time than to start with even one small action today?

  • Choose your environment wisely

    Location, education, and the kind of people you live with inevitably influence who you are. We tend to mirror the community we live in. Look around and see if you are in the environment that pushes you ahead or pulls you back.

  • Don’t take your health for granted

    Too many of us treat our bodies as dumping grounds under the disguise of calling ourselves a ‘foodie.’ We see its effects once we begin aging. Limit those fried, tasty dishes to only once a month. Rather, invest time in making organic and chemical-free food for yourself. Spend time reading what type of food will suit your body. After all, you can do what you want only if your health supports. Join a yoga or sports class if that helps.

  • Plan your future

    Many people don’t plan their retirement well while they are still young. Get new skills and become financially secure as early as possible. Pay off your loans and invest in long-term plans to help secure life when you are no longer earning.

  • Don’t let others’ words determine your actions

    I am sure you would have heard of statements such as ‘Take it slow, you are no longer young.’ Whether you want to learn a new language at age 60 or start a fitness regime at 70, now is the time. At least, you tried.

  • End the self-imposed exile

    The society, without saying it out loud, often imposes certain expectations on older people. They define the friendships we should or should not make, the activities we should do, the conversations we should have, and so on. Don’t let these restrictions push you into a corner, and ultimately into a self-imposed exile. The truth is just the opposite. Move out and be a part of the active, vibrant society – age need not be a limitation.

Rather than being recognized as a forgotten senior citizen with limited choices and ailments, start taking steps today to become a vibrant and joyful individual who chooses to live life without regrets.