12 Challenges You Face While Working from Home - #3 We All Face

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO due to which a majority of the leading companies have rolled out mandatory remote work or the work-from-home clause.

It’s a no-brainer that the challenges of working from home are multi-fold, and it is way different than how you’d work in an office. It requires a certain mindset and willingness to complete all the professional tasks.

So, whether you're new to the work-from-home scenario or a veteran, these are the challenges of working from home you should look out for before you get down to work.

1. A Different Atmosphere

Your surroundings at home will be very different from what you're used to at the office. Most employees are used to going to their office every day, and the separation between work and home is quite distinct.

For some, recreating a designated physical workspace at home makes them more productive, while others prefer to embrace the entire space for work. Recognizing which of these works for you is the first step towards a successful work-from-home experience.

2. The Work and Personal Life Rift

Often when you bring work home, it can be challenging to draw the line between when you're working and when you're spending time with your family. Make sure you distinguish between both and give each one sufficient attention.

3. Communication Difficulties

Working from home requires just as much and if not more communication than a regular office space. You're bound to spend more time on your phone talking to your partners and in-charge. To avoid frequent corrections to your work, clearly communicate even the smallest details of your task with your superiors. If necessary, request your in-charge for a bit of their time and give them regular updates via phone calls, texts, or video calls. Communication is vital whether you're working in office or from home!

4. Lack of Motivation

Being surrounded by the comfort of your home can make you lazy and leave you struggling to get any work done. It is essential to strike a balance between your personal and work life. Self-motivation, being organized and timely are the foundation of successfully working from home. Try practicing those!

5. Loneliness

Being surrounded by your colleagues and maintaining friendly interactions is one of the most significant advantages of an office. Staying at home can become monotonous and make you feel lonely. So, to make sure you don’t dive into loneliness, have meals with your family, because who doesn’t love small breaks during work?

This is a great time to be with your family, don’t miss out on it!

6. Scarcity of Amenities/Technology

Your office is loaded with supplies and machines that can make your work simpler, these may not be available at your home, and you'll have to improvise. Instead of complaining about the lack of fancy stationery, make do with the supplies you have at home.

7. Distractions

Unlike your office, which encourages a working environment, your home keeps you comfortable. Distractions like TV, neighbours, kids, etc. can get in the way of your workflow. Organize a working space at home that allows you to focus and work efficiently.

8. Absence of a Predetermined Timetable

When at office, you are obligated to follow particular timings, but at home, you are no longer required to do so. Figuring out what times you are most productive and working to your strengths will improve the quality of your work.

9. The News

If you’re working remotely, checking for COVID-19 updates is always going to be on your mind. It’s reasonable to stay informed, but don't scroll yourself into an anxious mess. This can sometimes affect your productivity – so, set timelines, and only during those hours check the news!

10. Staying Active

For most working-class people, the commute to and from their office is their source of everyday exercise and working from home obviously deprives them of this. Even if you are working from home, make sure you are moving around and staying active. Exercising and practicing Yoga, are some efficient ways to ensure your physical health doesn’t get disturbed.

11. Keep Your Spirits High

Staying locked up inside your house for a long period is a struggle for anyone, and this can affect your efficiency. Keep in touch with your colleagues and loved ones so you can keep yourself upbeat and ready for any task.

12. Cyber Security Risks

Working from home can put your work at a cybersecurity risk, if you are not using a secured Wi-Fi or VPN, your computer is liable to a cyber-attack. Keep your laptops to yourself and keep them safe when they are not being used.

The duration of the lockdown is uncertain, and companies will have to extend the work-from-home policy. Make the most of this unique opportunity to work from the comfort of your couch and fight a pandemic by understanding the variety of challenges it poses to your everyday lifestyle and overcoming them.