13 New Year Resolutions to Help You Stay Healthy

As another year rolls gently into the next, it’s time to reiterate our new year resolutions. A tip - committing to resolutions that are easy to stick with, makes life easier for us and our loved ones.

For a start, it's better not to set complicated goals, the one that may seem like a Himalayan expedition. A few simple, manageable, positive changes that'll make you proud to have ticked 'done' on your new year's resolution list are good.

Here are some tips for a happy and healthy 2020 resolution list. You can always have a list of your personal goals or tweak this one to suit you.

1. Make small lifestyle changes

Find a fun exercise routine. It will not only maintain muscle mass and keep you fit and healthy but will also aid in reducing your stress levels. Walking instead of taking a ride for short distances or climbing instead of taking the lift can go a long way towards reaching your health goals.

2. Clear the clutter

Our homes contain a lifetime of memories. But research shows that clutter increases anxiety and depression, and makes us feel overwhelmed and stressed. Cleaning, on the other hand, has been a proven stress-reliever, and it also burns calories.

A win-win situation, isn’t it?

3.Adopt a beginner’s mindset

Spend some time with younger people. They have lots to learn from you and lots to teach you as well. Be open-minded and receptive of new ideas. Let go of the “I already know it all” attitude and open up to a positive approach. This will free your mind from judgment, prejudice, bias and fixed ideas.

4. Dress up – take care of how you look

Pamper yourself. You are worth it.

How you dress plays a significant role in making you feel good and behave confidently. It makes an attitudinal difference in your relationship with others.

5. Adopt a well-balanced diet

To maintain a healthy weight and to lower the risk of chronic health conditions it is important to stay energized. To get the necessary needed nutrients, eating a balanced meal, is of utmost importance.

Of course, a little bit of cheating on some special days is allowed. It is the festive season, after all! If you keep a check on your intake on regular days, you must reward yourself with your favourite meal on special occasions.

6. Volunteer or join a support group

Volunteer, teach your skills to others. Give cooking tips, gardening tips, management tips, or whatever your area of expertise is. Share your vast knowledge and experience to work with the deserving underprivileged youth who would benefit immensely from your advice and guidance. These acts of ‘giving’ are bound to bring you fulfilment and a sense of overall wellbeing.

7. Stay up to date – sign up for a new course

Attend a workshop on a topic of your choice. Maybe a creative writing course or one on the basics of computer and smartphone applications. There is no age limit for learning, and there are many short-term and diploma courses specially designed for senior citizens. Learning keeps the mind active and may help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's and other similar degenerative conditions.

8. Discover new destinations

Go on that trip you've always wanted to go on. Take the chance to discover a fascinating new destination. It’s an opportunity to meet and connect with people who share similar interests with you. Opt for a tour that's exclusively designed for senior citizens or take a leisurely-paced, personalized holiday. Ensure that you keep some time aside to travel to someplace nice for that little 'you' time.

9. Ration time on Social media and TV

In today's times of media overload, we get bombarded by negative information continuously. Use social media for just positive connections. It is important to realize that human interaction cannot be replaced by time on social media. Plus, most of the information being fed to us by the media is not necessarily true, and neither is it healthy for our mental consumption. Keep these influences minimal and replace them with meaningful conversations with like-minded and positive people.

10. Reconnect with old friends, be open to making new ones

Friends drift apart over time and sometimes reviving old ties can rejuvenate us by refreshing old memories of good times shared with our friends. Take the first step to reconnect – keeping ego or laziness aside. At the same time, keep yourself open to making new friends. Friendships - old or new - create bonds that make our day-to-day living easier.

11. Worrying won't help - try and drop the habit

Join a meditation class that can help you de-stress. Our minds are overshadowed by concerns beyond reality. Having spare time aggravates the situation because we spend time over-thinking situations that never happen. Meditation brings our mind back to clarity and relieves the mind of unwanted thoughts that serve no purpose other than to make life seem confusing, stressful or miserable.

12. Forgive and practice gratitude

Resolve and forgive yourself for all the things that may make you feel guilty and forgive others who may have knowingly or unknowingly wronged you. Be grateful for all the things that worked out in your favour and bask in the positive events that have made you the individual you are today.

13. Laugh more ... it works your abs

Now, if that isn’t reason enough, then here are a few more reasons to laugh. Laughter relieves pain, combats depression, increases resilience and reduces stress; the list is endless.

It is often said that the healthiest response to life is laughter. Spend time with people who have fun, watch a funny show, listen to your favourite comedian or read a funny book. Aim to make humour a priority and an integral part of your life.

Lastly, do remember, that if you fall off-track at any point on your new year resolution goals, just get back on quick.

For your resolution to become a reality, it will take time. Change is difficult. There is always room for mistakes and setbacks, as long as you are willing to stay on track.

While the viral quote 'Apna time aayega,' from the movie Gully Boys, is apt for some, we should firmly hold on to the belief that,' apna time tha, hai aur hamesha rehega.'

Adopt happy habits, to make a happier you and make 2020 your best year yet!