15 DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O'er the fields we go

Laughing all the way

Winter is finally here, Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to start decorating that Christmas tree already! It is time for holidays and merriment, and many trips down memory lane. All the Christmas moments that you cherished right through childhood, early adulthood, as parents, and as grandparents now come rushing back – especially when you are baking goodies or collecting décor ideas for your home.

From disguising as Santa to finding delightful gifts near the tree, to opening gifts, the decorated Christmas tree bears testimony to all these moments.

If you're expecting family and guests, you must be already thinking of creative ideas for your Christmas tree!

This year, why not spend some time with your family to decorate the tree? It's time to explore your creative side and make sure that your Christmas tree looks stunning!

Take a look at some of the best Christmas tree decoration ideas.

15 Creative DIY Xmas Tree Decoration Ideas

1) The Snowman

Christmas without Snowman seems like Chandler without Joey (of Friends fame)! Use white pompoms or wool to make a snowman. Stitch a tiny scarf and use beads and paper to make its eyes, nose, and cap.

2) Cookies

Mix flour and salt in equal proportions (3 cups), add water (2 cups), a bit of oil, and knead the dough and cut them into fun Christmas themed shapes. Poke holes to tie them to the tree, and bake them till hard (not golden). Paint these non-edible cookies to make them stand out. You could also make edible sugar cookies while you are at it.

3) Metals and Jewels, Desi Style

Clear the clutter from your cupboard – use old jewellery to make the Christmas tree look scintillating. Earrings and neckpieces which you no longer need can be perfect for this! You may use Diwali lanterns and paper diyas to give a Desi twist to your Xmas tree!

4) Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are definitely in vogue – why not make some Christmas-themed ones, to add some elegance? You can easily get a dream catcher kit in art stores.

5) Bookmarks

Love bookmarks? Why not use them as décor for your Christmas tree? You can design bookmarks shaped as Xmas trees, stars, snowflakes, Santa, reindeers and sleighs. You may even use pictures made by your grandkids. Or use photographs of your family to give a nostalgic look to your tree.

6) Mini Paper Angels

Simply use old magazines to make little paper angels. You may even use colourful construction paper to make mini angels. These work best if you have a small tree and are already short of time!

7) Stockings of Joy

Fancy knitting? Why not knit red and white stockings or get baby socks and stuff them with candy for the kids visiting you?

8) Go Antique

Still carrying around that old clock gifted by grandpa? Go vintage in your décor (like the image above) and decorate your tree to revisit favourite memories.

9) Red Ribbons

Don't have much time on your hands and have too many ideas? When in doubt, go classic. Red and white satin ribbons never lose their elegance! Simple, easy, and done in a few minutes!

10) Toys

Use light, soft toys to decorate your Christmas tree – remember, heavier toys could topple small Christmas trees. Your grandchild's favourite toy may serve the purpose (ask them and involve them so they won’t be left teary-eyed!). You may even choose a theme, a Marvel character or any other superhero your grandchild loves. And add a Santa’s cap if you like!

11) Pinecones

Buy décor pinecones and colour them red, gold and white - a sure shot and easy way to give that winter look to your tree. Try making little owls using felt paper to go with these pinecones.

12) Boho-styled

Not a fan of the traditional look? Make woollen vibrant and colourful pompoms and tie them up - your Christmas tree will certainly stand out! After all, a splash of colour against the green background will certainly look great!

13) Popsicle sticks

Popsicles always remain cool and remind you of summer days! Use felt paper and popsicle sticks to make that Xmas tree uniquely attractive.

14) Fillable Ornaments

Fillable, clear ornaments are easily available in the market. You can fill them with confetti, peacock feathers, glitter – let your imagination go wild!

15) Paper Candles

Want to give the quintessential 'Christmasy' look to your tree? All you need is some white construction paper, golden glitter, and glue. Or try your hand at some Christmas-themed origami! Paper candles are easy to hang and look lovely.

If you want to go environment-friendly, try making DIY Christmas tree décor from items that are easily available at home – you can also save on holiday season expenses. Get newspapers, magazines, toys, shopping bags, and old cardboard boxes if you can. Ask your grandkids to help you out - they would be more than willing to!

Let the festive spirit help you bring out your creative side while you make time to bond with your family.