15 Easy Home Remedies That Can Help You Control Diabetes 



More than 33% of adults aged 65 and above suffer from diabetes, globally. This is due to the changing lifestyle accompanied by stress, mental and physical exertion. And, now more than ever, diabetes has increased in India with over 50 million people suffering from it. So, if you are one of the diabetics - don’t worry, we’ve got you this article that covers everything you need to know about diabetes along with some natural ways to keep it at bay. 



What is Diabetes? 


A condition that reduces the body’s ability to process blood glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar, is commonly known as diabetes.


If not taken care of properly, diabetes could lead to sugar build up in the blood, which can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease too. Several different kinds of diabetes can occur, and taking care of it depends on the type. Also, it is important to note that not all types of diabetes occur from an unhealthy lifestyle - some are present since childhood. 


Types of Diabetes


  1. Type 1 - This also goes by the name - juvenile diabetes, as it occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin. People who have this kind of diabetes need to depend on artificial insulin for their body to function well. 
  2. Type 2 - As against Type I, the body continues to produce insulin - but, it utilises it in a different way, and the cells in the human body do not effectively respond to it. This is the commonest diabetes kind and is known to be linked with obesity. 


Other types of diabetes include - 


  • Gestational diabetes 
  • Monogenic diabetes 
  • Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.


So, What Can You Do At Home to Take Care of Diabetes?


Here are 7 veggies that can help keep diabetes under control – 


  1. Fenugreek 


Always in the Indian kitchen, this herb has several benefits. It is known to keep diabetes in check while improving glucose tolerance, lowering blood sugar levels, and stimulating the secretion of insulin. 


  • Soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink it with the seed the next morning on an empty stomach. This will help bring down your glucose levels. 


  1. Bitter Gourd/Karela


Bitter gourd is filled with insulin-polypeptide-P and can help reduce increased sugar levels. 


  • You can have it as a sabzi or consume it in the form of a smoothie. 


  1. Cinnamon 


The bioactive compound in cinnamon can help prevent and fight diabetes. Cinnamon can also regulate blood sugar levels by stimulating the activity of insulin. 


  • Mix half a teaspoon of grounded cinnamon with warm water and consume once every day.


  1. Vitamin C


If you’re someone who has chronic diabetes, then you should be consuming vitamin C rich foods like orange, lemons, etc. daily. It not only supports healthy skin, but it also improves blood sugar levels. 


  • Consume at least 600 mg of vitamin C daily


  1. Aloe Vera



Although a little bitter, aloe vera can be consumed to lower your blood sugar levels, and it is also abundant in anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Consume it with buttermilk 


  1. Amla or Indian Gooseberry



One of the richest sources of vitamin C, amla can help manage pancreatitis and eventually controls the blood sugar levels. It also contains chromium that regulates carbohydrate levels that makes the body more responsive to insulin. So, the murabbas sound pretty tasty now, right?  

  • Consume it in the form of powder or pickle 


  1. Drumsticks or Moringa 


Moringa offers essential medical benefits that can help control blood sugar levels and treat type 2 diabetes. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. 


  • Cut a few pieces and put it into a jug full of water - keep sipping on it whenever!
  • Toss some in your dal and delve into its richness


Apart from these vegetables here are 8 products that can help keep diabetes in check -


1. Superfood Greens and Herbs Powder - OZiva

Superfood greens and herbs is a product made by the mixture of more than 35 herbs and greens that deliver multiple advantages to the human body, such as body purification, clear skin, better weight management and many more.


  • Helps improve skin texture
  • Can help with weight management
  • Promotes better digestion

2. Diabetic Protein Powder - Apollo Pharmacy

This Diabetic Protein Powder is a nutritional supplement for diabetic people. It fulfils energy requirement and can be used as a meal or snack alternative.


  • Sucrose free and enriched with MUFA
  • Provides optimum glycemic response
  • Contains Omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibers

3. Diabetic Care Socks for Men and Women - Dr. Oxyn

Dr. Oxyn Fresh Diabetic Care Socks for Men and Women (One Pair) are extra-thick and will help in reducing the chance of damage to your feet and maintain the blood glucose levels under control.


  • Helps in relieving pain
  • Helps to keep your feet free from sweat and moisture
  • Protects sensitive pressure points

4. Stevia Natural Sweetner Powder - Zindagi

A healthy and herbal alternative to usual cane sugar, the Stevia leave extracts powder is calorie, fat, glucose and carb free. It also blends well with your everyday food & beverage items like tea, coffee, shakes, etc.


  • Can help with reducing weight
  • Healthy alternative for sugar
  • Contains no artificial ingredients

5. Diabakon Diabetes Control Capsules (60 Capsules) - CRD Ayurveda

Diabetes relief supplement with 100% natural ingredients. It has an advanced herbal formula and offers potential relief from diabetes and enhances production of insulin. It also eradicates the complications associated with diabetes.


  • Improves digestion and clears constipation
  • Prevents complications and tones up bodily functions
  • Helps eliminate complications caused by diabetes

6. JEEVANI Capsules for Diabetic Care - AADAR

Jeevani capsule is an effective product beneficial to the human body in various aspects. The perfect blend of ayurvedic extract and goodness of pure basils helps in body purification, maintaining natural blood glucose level and weight management.


  • Supports natural blood glucose levels
  • Helps in weight management and detoxification
  • Rich in health benefits such as improved metabolism, immunity and digestion

7. Diabetes-Health - Add Veda

Diabetes Health capsules by Add Veda have been blended to shield you from a lifetime of medicines. The capsules stimulate the pancreatic cells to increase insulin production and inhibit absorption of glucose from intestines.


  • Stabilizes the normal functioning of urinary system
  • Stimulates the pancreatic cells to increase insulin production
  • Supports a healthy blood sugar level

8. Diacec - Diabetes Care Tablets - Purayati

Diacec from Purayati is a product that has been developed to help people suffering from Diabetes mellitus. The product has a unique blend of herbal extracts and Ayurvedic combinations that are known to help people manage diabetes through multiple mechanisms.


  • May help with regulatation of carbohydrate metabolism
  • Helpful in countering polyuria as it reduces the urinary output
  • Unique blend of herbal extracts


A balanced diet accompanied with these products as well as foods can help keep your diabetes in check!