1. #AgeNoBar with Farokh Irani

    #AgeNoBar with Farokh Irani

    “It’s never too late to run behind your passion like wildfire...the ‘right time’ is whatever you choose to make it!” While growing up, he had a keen interest in food. While
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  2. #AgeNoBar with Snehlata Bhatnagar

    #AgeNoBar with Snehlata Bhatnagar

    “I look up the latest trends on the internet along with my grand daughters and make clothes for them — I feel like a designer!” She was married into a progressive family, where moved
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  3. #AgeNoBar with Arvind Athavale

    #AgeNoBar with Arvind Athavale

    “Sometimes I cannot believe that I’m holding a coin that’s 2000 years old!” A die-hard admirer of numbers who has managed to find salvation in the mysteries of coins. He has been
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  4. #AgeNoBar with Bharti Sanghvi

    #AgeNoBar with Bharti Sanghvi

    “Just make a small start and put your heart into it…the rest, the universe will take care of.” She taught at a primary school for 15 years. Post-retirement she often wondered what to d
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  5. #AgeNoBar with Lt Col Kumar Fulay (Retd)

    #AgeNoBar with Lt Col Kumar Fulay (Retd)

    "I’m 71 years old today and able-bodied but it’s not like that for everyone." A retired army veteran for whom discipline and direction played the most important role in his life. When tryin
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  6. #AgeNoBar with Navanita Parmar

    #AgeNoBar with Navanita Parmar

    “I know I’ll be dancing until my last day and when I go, I’ll go gracefully— and probably strike a perfect Bharatanatyam pose right before!” She knew she was born to dance,
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  7. #AgeNoBar with Ratnakar Pilankar

    #AgeNoBar with Ratnakar Pilankar

    “I’m 63! And trust me I still dream - I am still dreaming of winning a Grammy someday!” Coursing through the hardships of life, he found solace in art. Finding a balance between what
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  8. #AgeNoBar with Jyoti Sachade

    #AgeNoBar with Jyoti Sachade

    “I got letters and photographs telling me how an old utensil at home was feeding a newborn baby.” She married the kindest man she knew and learnt a lot from him. At 47, she suffered the tra
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  9. #AgeNoBar with Xerxis Pavri

    #AgeNoBar with Xerxis Pavri

    “At 63, I’ve found a new purpose, I can’t wait to have shot glasses from every part of the world!” Since his childhood, he was an inquisitive soul. He always wondered about the p
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  10. #AgeNoBar with Rukshaan Krishna

    #AgeNoBar with Rukshaan Krishna

    “You may have to give up your passion to pay the bills…but your inner calling, the thing you were created for will never leave you.” She inherited her enthusiasm for art but the twirls
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