5 Exciting Virtual Activities for Seniors on Valentine's Day

The season of love and romance is upon us. On 14th Feb, people all over the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day with their special partners. It is a day for people to express their feelings and is also one of the most-awaited days of the year.

However, contrary to what many of us might believe, Valentine’s Day is not just meant for the couples. People of all ages can celebrate this day, as it is the ideal occasion to show love and affection towards their family and friends.

It is also a great opportunity for seniors to forget about everything else and enjoy this day of love, caring and romance. And what better way for seniors to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than to participate in some amazing group activities?

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 5 most engaging activities that seniors can enjoy on this Valentine’s Day. So, go ahead, pick your favorite activity and celebrate the day of love.

1. Fun with Fitness – Zumba for Seniors

Popularly known as the “Dance Workout”, Zumba is one of the most exciting forms of fitness program. It is a fun exercise routine that involves dance moves that are intended to keep you fit. Zumba offers various benefits for the body such as improved mobility and increased strength.

So, ensure a perfect start to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with this Zumba for Seniors virtual fitness activity. All you need to do is register yourself with the Evergreen Club and you can enjoy this session of fun and fitness with your special one.

2. Open Table Discussion

As the name suggests, these discussions are open for everyone. They give the elderly an opportunity to talk and discuss about some of the most memorable moments of their lives.

So, on this Valentine Day, head over to our virtual Open Table Discussion and tell us everything about that moment when you met your spouse for the first time. This is your chance to go down memory lane and relive those wonderful memories when the stars aligned themselves so that you could meet your special someone.

3. Doctor’s Talk

Once you relive those wonderful memories, you can join a virtual session of Doctor’s Talk to understand different aspects of your health and fitness.

During this session, our Evergreen Club doctor would answer different queries regarding health conditions among seniors and would also offer simple tips that can help you stay mentally active during these golden years of your life.

Speaking of staying mentally active, you can also celebrate this Valentine’s day by joining a unique session of…

4. Virtual Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

It is said that online games and quizzes can help improve cognitive health among seniors. So, how about you indulge in a brain-teasing quiz on Valentine’s Day itself?

This virtual quiz about Famous “World Monuments” is a great opportunity for seniors to test their knowledge and will also help them to interact with some of their new virtual friends.

5. Ye Shaam Mastaani – Evergreen Antakshari

We all have sung romantic songs for our special ones during the classic game of Antakshari. But now, you can still keep this tradition going, because we are giving this iconic game a unique twist.

That’s right! Join this virtual Antakshari session and compete against some of your virtual friends, right from the comfort of your home. So, register now with the Evergreen Club and enjoy the perfect Valentine evening filled with loads of fun, laughter and music.

About the Evergreen Club

The Evergreen Club is a virtual, interactive platform where seniors from all over the country can learn new ideas, explore unique hobbies. interact with different people and participate in engaging activities.

Seniors can participate in different types of online events that include Virtual Zumba Sessions, Online Cooking Workshops, Virtual Dance Therapies, Online Antakshari Sessions and much more.

These virtual activities are conducted in groups of 10 to 50 people that ensures personal attention for everyone and also gives each individual an opportunity to express their views and opinions.

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