5 Preventive Steps to Help You Stay Healthy in Monsoon

Monsoon brings with it a reason to smile, to bathe in the rain showers and enjoy the charm of it to the fullest. But it also brings a number of diseases and allergies with it. The extremely humid climate and repeated rains make various bacteria’s to be active in the atmosphere. In order to save yourself from falling sick in this beautiful season, take the following precautions:

1- Say No to Street Food

All of us know that street food is unhealthy and should be avoided regardless of the season. But if you can’t keep away from munching these not-so-healthy delicacies, try to avoid it at least in monsoons. These foods are prepared and sold in the open and come in direct contact with disease-causing bacteria’s and can increase your chances of falling sick.

2- Keep Your Hands Clean

You obviously cannot keep away from public places but your safety is in your hands. Try to keep yourself clean. Wash your hands frequently with soap. Most of the bacteria enter your body through mouth and nose. Carry a clean handkerchief to clean your face.

3-Keep Mosquitoes Away

Stagnant water accumulated in the potholes of every street results in abundance of the mosquitoes. Keep the insides of your home clean and dry. Clean the stagnant water from cooler, fountains, ditches and other potholes. Use mosquito repellents in your homes as well as on your body when you go out.

4- Eat Green, Eat Healthy


Try to eat only seasonal foods during monsoons as the older stuff might be infested with worms. Avoid too much meat and fish; go for seasonal veggies. Drink herbal tea instead of coffee or add warming ingredients to your tea like cloves, ginger, etc.

5- Keep Away from Dirty Water


Dirty stagnant water is the main source of bacteria and viruses in the rainy season. Invest in good rain boots. They are made of rubber and can be availed at cheap prices anywhere in cities. The boots will keep your feet safe from dirty contaminated water. You should take these preventive steps so that you can enjoy the season to the fullest. Change your diet from junk to healthy food for just a season. Take preventive steps and stay fit!  

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