5 Products Senior Citizens should have for a Perfect Sleep

The term good night came into existence for a reason which is directly related to the good night’s sleep. As important are workouts, fitness, positive energy, and healthy diets to an individual, so is the sound sleep! And for the seniors, this is actually more important as it directly influences their health, weaknesses, energy, emotional quotient, and even weight. As you grow older, your body begins to experience differences in sleep patterns.

For instance, you might tend to sleep off earlier than you used to, or later than your regular bedtime. You might also sleep for lesser or longer durations than you usually do. These are normal but what isn’t, is experiencing disturbed sleep. Though there is no set time-period that can define a sound sleep, you need to get into a deep sleep regardless of the number of hours of your slumber. Disturbed sleep can take a toll on you on the next day regarding fatigue lowered emotional involvement. Besides, a good night’s sleep also prevents your mind from coming up with random thoughts that can trigger paranoia. It is something that every senior should attempt to avoid as it can have serious consequences, physically and mentally.

So to avoid any hindrances in your sleep cycle, we have here a few effective products that ensure you a good night’s sleep and healthy lifestyle:-


Cervical Pillow

As you know, the neck region is very crucial for the human body and gets more delicate as we grow old. Elders most often are not able to get a good night’s sleep because of discomforts around the neck region. The cervical pillow offers optimum comfort to seniors and helps find the right sleeping position and allow their necks to give into the pillow’s comfort.

The pillow is comfortable even when you turn sideways, and thus paves the way for a sound sleep. This is highly recommended if you have concerns like cervical spondylitis, arthritis or neck sprain. Even otherwise, this is a pillow your neck deserves. If you travel often, and looking for travel-friendly pillows, you can check out the cervical pillows designed for travel and ensure good sleep even when you are on the move.  


Cervical Traction Kit

One of the most sleep depriving factors is spondylitis. Even when you intend to sleep off, the pain and the disturbance tends to keep you awake and most often in pain. To help you tackle the condition and help you get good sleep, here is the cervical traction kit. Designed to bring physiotherapeutic effects right on your bed, the cervical traction kit provides ergonomic and extensive support to your upper back and neck.

The kit also comes up with weights you can add according to your doctor’s recommendations. The kit relieves you of discomforts, pains, pricks, and pressures on nerve tissues and muscles that keep you away from getting a sound sleep. Designed for seniors, the kit perfectly understands your requirements for uninterrupted hours of peaceful sleep.  


Adjustable Backrest

One of the best feelings in life is catching up with our favourite books, newspapers or magazines after retirement and beautifully succumbing to words. However, one trouble that often prevents us from reading for long is our concerns on your back. Be it sitting for too long or inappropriate positions; they tend to give rise to the pain that prolongs till bedtime. In the end, it’s the sleep that takes a hit, carrying the consequences until the next day.

To perfectly resolve this issue and giving you ample hours of time to spend with your books, here is the adjustable backrest that fits a bed and chair. The backrest is tailored to offer ergonomic back support and prevent back pains due to prolonged hours of sitting. With the adjustable backrest, nothing is coming in your way of books or television. This is highly recommended if you have undergone surgery, suffer from arthritis, have back pain or simply require additional support when sitting.  


Air Bed Mattress

They say it is tough to find a match for marriage. But you know what’s tougher? Finding the right mattress! We’re quite sure you can relate to this. While some are too soft, others are too stern. Only a few manage to offer the comfort levels we require. When you find them, you need to grab hold on to them just like this air bed mattress.

The inflatable mattress is perfect for good night sleeps as it relieves pressures off points and joints and gives you comfort regardless of the number of hours you sleep. The lower back region is the one place that immediately feels discomfort when sleeping and this mattress takes care of any pain or pressures arising out of an inappropriate mattress. Medically approved for everyday usage, you can now replace your mattress with the air bed mattress and feel young all over again. It heals, supports and prevents bedsores and back pains and is made for senior citizens.


Bed Side Rails 

Some elders are active even when they are fast asleep. They turn, twist and move on their beds, increasing their chances of falling off their beds. If you can relate to this, you know how serious of a concern this actually is. However, with the bedside rail, you can now ensure your safety when you sleep.

The bedside rail fits perfectly into your bed and is adjustable so that you can lower it when you intend to get up and put it back up before sleeping. This is also portable, meaning you can take this as part of your luggage when you’re traveling and not worry about falling at your friends’ or relatives’ apartments. A perfect independent living aid, the bedside rail prevents paranoia from falling off and lets you have a peaceful sleep.  


Parting Thoughts As senior, you deserve sleep that is equally precious as that of a toddler. It is for you to claim your sleep, and resolve any concerns that could prevent you from having one. We are sure these products are helpful in approaching good sleep. Check out the products, order what your body and mind require, and make 2018 the year of peace of mind, comfort and good sleep.  


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