6 Quick Bites for a Rainy Day


Lush greenery washed to perfection, the earthy smell of wet mud and the somber sky – monsoon’s here. The unshakable relationship between the rains and snacks ensures that our taste buds crave for these simple recipes that you can rustle up in minutes:


-Bread Pakoras Spread some green chutney (cheese spread/Chings schezwan chutney will also do) inside two slices of bread, cut into bite-sized pieces, dip in seasoned chickpea (besan) paste and fry till golden brown. Serve with hot ginger/lemongrass/tulsi tea.

Bread Pakora

-Cheese Chilli Toast Combine cheese, chili sauce, capsicum, finely chopped onion, tomato ketchup, and butter in a bowl and apply it on bread. Toast in a preheated oven till golden brown – a hot chocolate drink goes very well with it.

Cheese Chilli Toast

-Buttery Corn on the Cob Roasted on a flame and coated with butter and salt, corn cob can make for a satisfying snack while watching the drizzle from the comfort of your balcony. A hot lemon coriander soup or a simple tomato soup along with your bhutta can serve as a complete meal in itself.

Corn on the cob

-Fried Idli with Rasam Leftover Idlis cut into thin slices, shallow fried till golden brown are delectable with rasam and coconut chutney.

Fried Idli

-Vegetarian Seekh Kebab Cook veggies together with ginger garlic paste and onions, add masalas, some besan/corn flour, squeeze this mixture on a skewer, brush some oil on it and grill in oven till golden brown; serve with green chutney. Hot lemon tea with mint leaves goes very well with this dish.

Vegetarian Seekh Kebab

-Chaat/Bhel/Aloo Tikki: What could be better than the lightning-quick Bhel? It is as simple as mixing murmur (rice puffs) with nankeen, adding finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, green chutney, and tamarind chutney. And, voila, you have mouthwatering snacks in your hands. Boiled potato patties shallow fried in a pan and served with tamarind chutney and masala curd – Aloo Tikki is another taste of heaven. 


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