6 User-Friendly Phones Designed for Senior Citizens

With smartphones becoming a necessity in today’s times, we have witnessed incredible innovations in mobile technology over the last two decades. Modern-day mobile phones can do way more than what a telephone’s primary function is. Today, phones are used as a multipurpose device that can not only keep you connected via voice calls but also gratify your virtual social networking, learning, photography, leisure, entertainment, safety, fitness, and several other needs.

However, when you think of the high-end phones that we are all so used to, also spare a thought for the older generation that is not entirely comfortable handling new technology.

No matter how user-friendly phone manufacturers claim their devices to be, it is an absolute nightmare for senior citizens to bring themselves up to speed with the ever-so-evolving digital technology. For them, it is about the bare necessities!

What qualifies as ‘necessities’ for the elderly?

You need to first gauge the user’s requirements before gifting them a new phone. When we talk about phones for senior citizens, we need to bear in mind that there are certain basic needs that they might have, including

1. Calling: Having the freedom and means to call up any person they know at any given point of time.

2. Texting: Staying in touch with their loved ones via text messaging.

3. Safety: Knowing that their phone gives them the option to call for instant help should they need it.

4. Reminders: Being able to set alarms and reminders for special events, daily activities or medicines.

5. Entertainment: Having access to their preferred music or other means of entertainment 24x7.

6 Great Senior Citizen Mobile Phones to Buy in 2019

Looking for the perfect phone for senior citizens? Since we are looking at a phone that suffices the basic needs and also offers value at an affordable price, here is a list of phones that we have handpicked for you. There are certain features that you would ideally want to look for along with competitive pricing.

- A sizeable screen with large font for easy reading

- Loud tones and ringtones for those who have difficulty hearing sounds

- Large keys for easy typing

- Emergency SOS service to call for help

- Photo contacts for easy and quick dialing

- Long battery life and talk time

The following compilation offers some of the best phones for seniors that you can pick from and order online.

1. Scosmos Senior Citizen Phone – Light V1 

Price: Rs. 1,999

Talking about affordability, it just doesn’t get any better than this! Extremely easy to operate and specially designed for senior citizens, the Scosmos Light V1 offers a host of useful features such as intuitive menus and emergency button.

Scosmos Light V1

Key features:

• Large buttons

• Voice confirmation (on pressing a button) via loudspeaker

• Bright colour display

• Easy-to-read fonts

• SOS button with a siren, SMS and auto calling service

• High-capacity battery



2. Udaan – Easyfone 

Price: Rs. 2,100

Another super-affordable phone for seniors, with a robust body and thoughtful design, Udaan by Easyfone comes with 20 great features that are perfect for the elderly.

Udaan Easyfone

Key features:

• Dual sim capability

• 1.77” screen with large font for easy reading

• Large keys (backlit keypad)

• Talking keypad

• Up to 8 photo contact storage capacity

• SOS button that triggers a siren, sends messages and calls emergency contacts for help

• Up to 5.5 hours of talk time, 200 hours of standby time



3. Marvel Senior-Friendly Phone – Easyfone 

Price: Rs. 2,485

A phone designed to make life simpler for seniors, this strong and big device offers the best mix of must-have features and modern-day convenience. The phone comes in a milky white colour that looks great.

Marvel Easyfone

Key features:

• Simple and user-friendly menu

• Easy-to-dial backlit keypad with talkback via loudspeaker

• Photo contacts (up to 8 nos.) for quick dialing

• Long battery life (up to 5.5 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time)

• Dedicated SOS button (for emergencies)

• Dedicated keys for volume, flashlight, camera, and reminders

• Call blocking option

• Cradle charger for easy charging (optional)



4. Senior Citizen Phone Elite – Easyfone 

Price: Rs. 3,145

Available in black and white colour options, this ultramodern device’s unique CareTouch feature allows you to configure your parents’ phone remotely from anywhere in the world! You can also get daily updates from them at predefined times.

Elite Easyfone

Key features:

• Photo contacts

• Customizable menu

• Medicine reminders (that you can set remotely, too)

• Emergency SOS button to call for help (siren, SMS, call)



5. Mobile Royale – Easyfone 

Price: Rs. 3,345

A flip-open phone that is so cool that you will want to keep it for yourself, the Mobile Royale for senior citizens is a slick, modern and user-friendly device that packs a serious punch and delivers value for your money.

Mobile Royale Easyfone

Key features:

• CareTouch for remote configuration

• Medicine reminders (that can be set remotely, too)

• Advanced SOS feature to call for instant help

• Personalized menu

• Sleek clamshell design

• Photo contacts

• Call blocking



6. Mobile Grand – Easyfone 

Price: Rs. 4,990

The last one on our list is the Mobile Grand and as the name suggests, it presents a grand bouquet of valuable features for the elderly. It is India’s first phone that uses special technology to amplify sound for better hearing.

Mobile Grand Easyfone

Key features:

• Sound amplification key for boosting audio output on calls

• CareTouch feature for remote configuration

• Rich chrome trimming

• Call blocking

• Customizable menu

• Photo contacts