60 but still a Child at Heart

What should be the reason to stay physically fit? With 60 approaching, you may start worrying about the life lying ahead of you. For some of you, it would mean retirement one of the primary causes of the gloom and dread. But does retirement decide your life? Let us just focus on staying healthy after 60! Let me help you here. When was the last time you visited the gym and when was the last time you had a proper health check-up (and I am not talking about your doctor visits when you are sick!)? The answer would be a long pause. So here is your task for this year. Promise yourself that no matter what, you will ensure that you are in the pink of your health and will do whatever you need to make that happen.

Retirement need not be the phase of your life where your world comes to a full stop and your health deteriorates. There are so many reasons for you to be fit and active even after retiring and so many people who have been waiting for you to retire and give them your full attention!

Here is why you must be staying fit and active even after retirement

Staying physically fit means being independent and happy and there is absolutely no age limit to stop feeling that way.

Stress-Free and Happy You

When you are healthy, you are happy. A balanced diet along with regular exercise and physical activity would ensure the secretion of serotonin which enables you to beat anxiety and stress.

More Reasons to Celebrate

A healthy and active lifestyle would let you appreciate the small joys of life and you would be able to participate in your grandchildren’s day to day activities more often. What can be more fulfilling than being able to spend quality time with your grandkids without feeling easily exhausted? Bringing the Romance Back When was the last time you spent some time along with your spouse? If healthy you can bring the romance back to your life. Imagine a lovely day spent cycling or having fun with the love of your life! Go ahead, now that you have loads of time, surprise and sweep your spouse off the feet!

Better Social Life

Instead of spending the day at home, how about spending it frolicking with your old buddies, playing golf, chatting and catching up on the days you have missed? Sounds awesome right?

Better Quality of Life

A healthy and active lifestyle would ensure that you get a sound sleep, better bowel movement and help relieve rheumatism. It will keep you active and mobile for many years, so you need not worry about being a dependant on anyone! There is no better life than the one spent amongst your loved ones. It makes life not only happy but also meaningful and worth spending. Strive to be healthy and active for yourself and for all those around you.

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