7 Anti-Slip Mats for the Elderly

Certain areas of your house, including regions like the bathroom, loo, kitchen and balcony are always at risk of having wet floors. Wet floors or slippery tiles are amongst the leading reasons for bathroom accidents, especially amongst the elderly generation, people with mobility issues and pregnant women.

Coincidentally, the aforesaid areas are also amongst the most frequently used ones in any home.

Whether it rains, or you have a wet bathroom while taking a shower, or someone accidentally spills something on the floor or mops the floor, wet flooring can result in unwanted mishaps.

Types of anti-slip mats & where they can be used

Floor mats

This could refer to any mat that is put on the floor – indoors or outdoors. However, in this context, we are referring to floor mats as anti-slip products that help users get a good grip and avoid skidding or slipping accidents.

Shower mats

A shower mat is basically laid down in the bathroom (bathing) area so that senior citizens and others can take their daily showers without the risk or fear of slipping and falling. Most of the mats mentioned in this buying guide are primarily shower mats. However, their versatile and dynamic nature makes them ideal for usage in different areas and for various purposes.

Table mats

Table mats are meant to cover the frequently-used tables so that they stay free from dust, stains and dirt. There is a variety of options available to those who wish to buy good quality table mats. In this context, we are looking at table mats that come with fantastic anti-slip properties. Anti-slip table mats are great for office desks, dining tables and study tables.

Outdoor mats

Outdoor mats are essentially meant to be stronger and more durable than your regular indoor mats since they are exposed to a rather diverse and extreme set of climates and weather conditions. You would also expect these to stay true to their anti-slip nature for a considerable amount of time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Acupressure mats

The best way to keep such accidents at bay and avoid slippery surfaces is by using anti-slip mats. Seniority offers a wide variety of anti-slip mats that are meant to keep different areas of your house safe and slide-free. Here’s a handpicked selection for you to choose from:

1.    Anti-Slip Shower Mat - Seniority

Shower Mat

Anti-slip mat made by Seniority comes with an anti-skid texture which ensures that the mat does not move during use. This durable mat is designed keeping in mind safety and comfort. The primary feature of this mat is to safeguard slippery surfaces of your homes or pool areas from the risk of water spills which could lead to potentially devastating falls and accidents.

2.     Anti-Slip Mat

 Anti Slip Mat

Ease into your daily chores without the worry of slipping or falling with the multipurpose Anti-Slip Mat. The best part about this mat is that it is extremely versatile. You can use it on bathroom floors, kitchen floors, drawers, shelves, cupboards and even the refrigerator! Transparent and 5 meters in size, you can even cut the mat up into pieces of your choice and use them for different purposes. All you need is a pair of scissors! The patterned surface prevents slipping or falling incidents and provides ample grip and friction. The mat can also function as a fridge/TV cover, dining table mat or floor mat. Crack resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures, you can even use it inside the refrigerator! Made from the highest quality of crack-resistant and durable PVC material, the mat is easily washable and has an embossed grid non-slip surface for greater grip.

3.     Anti-Fatigue Mat – Iomoto

Anti Fatigue Mat

Experience safety and convenience with Lifekrafts PVC Anti Slip Bath Mat that with Suction Cups. The mat is made of high-quality non-toxic PVC rubber material and is specially designed to provide foot massage while you take a bath, it also helps to create acupressure that may help to stimulate good blood circulation while exfoliating the dead skin. The anti-bacterial mat has numerous drain holes that drains out all the water from the mat and prevents bacterial and fungal formation. The mat is suitable to be used in bathroom, staircase, or on any slippery surface to prevent falling or slipping accidents.

4.     Accu Mat – Star

Accu Mat

Who doesn’t know about the benefits of acupressure! This Accu Mat is designed to relieve individuals from health problems such as poor digestion, chronic backache, sleep disorders, insomnia, frequent headaches, stress-related conditions, joint pain, etc. Using acupressure mats in your everyday life can help you deal with a wide variety of problems naturally. What’s more, the age or gender of the user doesn’t matter either. Using it for just 10 minutes a day can provide significant short- and long-term results. You can use this mat on the floor, sofa or even your bed; however, we recommend using it only on the floor. Extremely affordable and portable, this lightweight mat can be carried around wherever you go. You can use it at home, take it to the office and even carry it while travelling. All you need to do is lie down (or stand) on i-t for 5 minutes and experience the instant relief. The Acupressure Mat is known to improve the circulation of blood and stimulate the release of the endorphins in the body.

5.     Anti-Slip Table Mat (17.9 x 15.1 inches) – Tenura

Anti Slip Table Mat

No more sliding of the mug, toppling over bottles or falling phones! Tenura’s Anti-Slip Table Mat is designed from high-quality silicone with superlative non-slip properties. This multipurpose, non-toxic and washable mat is crafted from non-toxic material and can be used at a variety of places. For example, you can lay it out on the dining table, kitchen counter, office desk, study table, kitchen trays and more. The dynamic nature of the silicone rubber table mat makes it fit in seamlessly on any kind of surface at home or office. It offers the user with a firm grip on the surface. Available in three attractive colour variants (red, blue and yellow) in a regular size (17.9 inches x 15.1 inches), the anti-slip mat ensures that no stains are left behind on the table after you remove it. Its special anti-slip feature is complemented by anti-microbial additive (against fungi and bacteria). 

6.     Anti-Slip Shower Mat 40 x 60 – Shresmo

Anti Slip Shower Mat

Use this dynamic, multipurpose and very versatile anti-slip mat is large enough to be used in modern Indian bathrooms, gardens, poolside areas or backyard. Made from reliable PVC keeping the end users needs, comfort and safety in mind, Shresmo’s anti-slip shower mat packs a real punch. You can trust the makers with the texture and quality since the mat has been designed with senior’s requirements in mind. The mat weighs 700 gm and has a quick-drain design, meaning that the water flows through the mat very easily and quickly.

7.     Anti-Slip Shower Mat 60 x 85 – Shresmo

Anti Slip Shower Mat

The all-new range of Shresmo shower mats is here and how! Made from top-quality PVC and waterproof material, this all-conditions mat is just what you need in your house. Extremely versatile and multipurpose in nature, the product is essentially a bathroom/shower mat, but it can also be used outdoors or in other areas of your home and office as required. The anti-slippery and anti-skid surface mean that the elderly people in the house can go about their normal business with complete peace of mind.

Nobody likes accidents and mishaps, irrespective of whom it happens to. Falls, injuries, fractures and deaths due to slipping on a wet floor should be the last thing on a person’s mind while doing what they do every day.

And when it comes to the elders in the family, it is furthermore important that you equip key areas of the house with products and ideas like these. It is important that each individual feel empowered to move around and do their own tasks independently. Little-yet-important products like anti-slip mats can go a long way in making certain that they can at least feel self-sufficient, confident and worry-free in a small-but-significant way.

At Seniority, we have a collection of diverse anti-slip mats that serve different purposes and functions. From tablemats and floor mats to shower mats and yoga/workout mats, all our products are anti-slip and anti-skid, ensuring that you get the best experience and cut out any risk of accidents, falls or spillovers. What’s more, we ship all items right to your doorstep across India and bear the shipping costs – so it’s a win-win for you! Go on, browse through the range of senior care, home improvement and medical/physical care aids available online.