7 Essential Pots and Pans Every Kitchen Needs

Whether you’re moving into a new house, to live on your own, or just in the mood of upgrading your current cookware set, it’s never a bad idea to bring home some essential kitchen pans and pots. While you might be under the impression that all the pots and pans in the kitchen do the same thing- “cooking”; but, it’s not that simple. Having the right container for every dish you make, makes a ton of difference, and you will know why.

Also, there are about 7 essential kitchen pans, which if you have in your kitchen, there will never be a moment, where you will hear yourself saying, “I wish I had that pot.” So, here we go.

1. Saucepan with a Lid


The first one to start with is a Saucepan with a lid. This is going to be your most used go-to pan, as you can possibly cook most of your dishes in it, like- boil rice or pasta, make soups, make curries, steaming vegetables, etc. Also, because you’re going to be using this pot more often, it is advisable that you invest a little and get home a good non-stick pan, which will distribute equal heat, need less oil, and evenly cook your food. The Ballerina Sauce Pan with Lid by Wonderchef is a great product, with curved edges for easy stirring.


2. Frying Pan and Tawa

Pan and Tawa Set

Getting home a frying pan will make your life a little easier. Everything related to frying, searing, browning can be done in a frying pan. Stir veggies, omelettes and frittatas, pasta, noodles, and many more dishes can be cooked quickly. Tawa is also one of the essentials. Chapattis, dosas, eggs, pancakes, all of these needs a tawa. The Pan and Tawa Set from Wonderchef are made of aluminium for high-heat cooking and come with a non-stick coating, so your food does not stick to the base.


3. Milk Pan

Milk Pan

This one is not only for milk. While milk pans are great for boiling milk, without the fear of spilling it, the pans can be used for a number of other purposes. Sauces, stocks and broths, and different gravies can be easily cooked and poured out of milk pans. Here is an excellent option for you- the 2 Ltrs Milk Pan from Wonderchef which comes with a whistle, so you know when it’s done.


4. Pan with Induction Base

Fry Pan

The ThermoLine Fry Pan from Wonderchef comes with an induction cooking base so that you can use it on both stove and induction cooktop. This pan is excellent for roasting and searing. The pan made with die-cast technology turns red when heated.


5. Saucepans

Die Cast Pan

Saucepans are very important, especially in Indian homes. Dishes like Pulao and Biryani, Pulses like Rajma, Makhani Dal, Chicken Curries, and such can be easily made in large-sized saucepans. And the medium-sized ones can also be used to boil milk, melt chocolate, and make desserts like Halwa, Kheer, etc. The Cleopatra Die-Cast Pans set of 3 from Wonderchef should be all you need. It comes in three different sizes and can be used on stove, induction, or ovens.


6. Roasting Pans

Frying Pan

Another essential in kitchen pots and pans sets is the roasting pan. Made with aluminium which evenly distributes heat and makes the perfect poultry roasts, these pans are a must. You could pick the Caesar Frying Pan with Wooden Handle from Wonderchef to serve the purpose. It can be used on both stove and induction.


7. All-in-one Set of Pans

Pans Set

If you are skeptical about buying many pans, the Diamond Pans Set from Wonderchef should be the preferred choice for you. The set comes with three essential pans- a saucepan with lid, a frying pan, and a tawa. For most of your dishes, these pans can serve the purpose. Also, these pans are made with virgin aluminium for faster heating and can be used on both stove and inductions.

For getting started, these kitchen essential frying pans are great options. Even the most complicated dishes can be cooked in these utensils. And as you get better, you can keep adding more to your collection.