7 Ways to Age Smart Without Letting People Fool You


"As we grow older, we must discipline ourselves to continue expanding, broadening, learning, keeping our minds active and open." - Clint Eastwood

If that Client Eastwood quote got you nodding and saying an emphatic “Yes!” you are one of those who refuse to believe the myth that being old is the same as being forgetful and foolish. With the years, you have made attempts to grow wiser with the experiences of life and understand people better. If you are smart enough and keep yourself updated, nay, it’s no easy task for anyone to trick you.

You may be old - but you don’t have to stop being smart. In fact, your brain can be worth its weight in gold, when you have made the efforts to do these things!

1. When You Make Use of Smartphone Apps

You embrace technology and install smartphone apps that allow you to shop from the comfort of your home and save a long, arduous trip to the supermarket. You know how to order medicines online and do not have to worry about going out of stock. However, you are also careful about your security online and ensure that your privacy is not being compromised.

2. When You Remember that Lottery Mails are a Hoax

You are aware of phishing emails that talk about winning hefty amounts. You know it's best to unsubscribe and weed out such emails from your inbox.

3. When You are Alert About Financial Frauds

You do not reveal financial details to people who may be looking forward to con unsuspecting people. You understand the importance of being aware of the latest financial frauds and keep your bank account details to yourself and in safe hands.

4. You Keep Your Health in Check and Monitor It Regularly

You monitor your health at regular intervals. You also do not fall prey to ads that promise to reduce weight or treat other ailments overnight with some magical powder.

5. You Understand People Better

All the years have bestowed an unmatched trove of wisdom upon you. The wisdom to listen, the wisdom to address grievances, the wisdom to understand what people really want, and to mediate problems without getting ruffled – this is a superpower many long for. And although you may don the fool's cap sometimes (just long enough to fool others), you know how to assess people and situations with sound judgment.

6. You Understand That Safety Comes First

Staying safe is of prime importance to you, hence you regularly use safety measures, old and new. You have installed cameras and other security systems in place and use smart gadgets that can help you monitor your house whenever you need to.

7. You Stay Away From Gossip & Fake News

Gossip-mongers often try to extract information under the pretext of small talk. You do not reveal unnecessary information to such people and cross-check the information provided by them. With the popularity of WhatsApp and Facebook, fake news often ends up on our social media feeds. You believe it is crucial to sift truth from half-truths and make efforts to confirm all the news that comes your way. Careful and prudent thinking is a privilege that comes with age, and you enjoy using it responsibly.