9 Brain Games for the Elderly That Can Improve Mental Health

Physical fitness plays an important role in the overall lifestyle of senior citizens. Many older adults take up various activities in order to maintain their fitness levels and to improve their physical strength and mobility.

However, there is one major factor that does not receive enough attention among the elderly - mental health. Stress, anxiety and social isolation are just some of the common issues that older adults face today.

Even though physical fitness is very important, seniors need to take care proper care of their mental health as well. While there are several ways to do this, playing online games and quizzes is considered to be one of the best ways for seniors to take care of their mental health.

This is why we have compiled a list of the best brain games that can help in improving mental health among the elderly.

1. Trivia Games

What better way to stay mentally active, than to engage in a good old game of trivia? These games are fun, entertaining and create a sense of excitement for everyone.

Moreover, seniors can now participate in virtual trivia games that are known to boost mental health. These trivia games can help with the stimulation of the brain and are also effective at keeping the participants engaged.

2. Quizzes

As mentioned earlier, participating in different types of quizzes can help in improving mental health among the elderly. They stimulate the brain and offer various other mental health benefits as well.

Seniors can also work on improving their focus and concentration with different quizzes. Also, these quizzes are an ideal way for older adults to improve cognitive health while also avoiding memory loss problems.

Speaking of which…

3. Memory Games

Seniors who wish to improve their memory as well as their concentration skills can participate in different types of memory games. These games are a fun way of keeping the brain active and engaged.

Just like trivia games, seniors can also play different types of virtual memory games. Not only will these memory games improve their concentration, but it can also help them stay calm and collected during stressful situations.

4. Antakshari

Who can forget that time when we used to play Antakshari during any train or bus journey? Antakshari is one of the most popular Indian games that can bring people together.

Singing songs and competing against friends and family is the perfect way to spend any evening as it can help the elderly in improving their social skills. Moreover, elders can now enjoy a game of Virtual Antakshari with their online friends.

5. Pictionary

This is a classic word-guessing game that has been a part of family game-nights for quite a long time. In Pictionary, the players try to identify different words from pictures, that are drawn by the other players.

It is quite an entertaining game that stimulates the brain and can prove to be helpful for cognitive health as well. Pictionary is a fun game that can keep the older adults engaged and can improve their mental health too.

6. Jigsaw Puzzles

The classic jigsaw puzzle is not only helpful for children, but it offers various benefits for the elderly as well. It stimulates the brain, improves cognitive health and can also boost logical thinking among seniors.

Solving jigsaw puzzles will also help the elderly to relax. It can induce a sense of calmness which will, in turn, lower the blood pressure and help them in controlling their breathing rate as well.

7. Sudoku

Sudoku is an engaging brain game that can help in improving problem-solving abilities among the elderly. This logic-based game involves the identification of number patterns.

Playing Sudoku on a regular basis can stimulate their minds and will also significantly boost their concentration levels.

8. Art & Craft

Building something with simple household items is one of the best ways through which the elderly can use their imagination and showcase their creative side.

Seniors can take up different art & craft activities such as creating photo collages, designing bottles or knitting something for their grandchildren. Art & craft can also help in improving cognitive health among the elderly.

9. Tambola (Bingo)

The age-old game of Tambola has been a part of our picnics and family celebrations for a long time now. It is an iconic game that allows everyone to sit back and have fun while competing against each other.

Although Tambola does keep the players on the edge of their seat, it is an entertaining game that can help the elderly forget their worries and can also act as the ideal stress-reliever.