A Diet to Keep You Cool This Summer in India

Body Cooling Foods You Need During Indian Summers

Summers are here, and this means life is going to be hot, and sweaty. ­ It’s time you start preparing for the hot season, in order to be fit and keep diseases at bay. 

Wondering how to keep our body cool in the summer?

These dietary tips will come handy.

Eat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

Seasonal Foods

The smartest way to counteract the summer heat is to eat plenty of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. Different seasons need different diets to maintain the body. Eating small healthy meals at regular intervals with healthy servings of fruit and vegetable salads are the best method as they keep the body cool and also strengthen the vitamin content. Fruits and veggies are rich in fibre and help you stay full longer and also burn off calories. If you aren’t too fond of salads, you could choose to make juices, smoothies or soups right at home. Watermelons, cucumbers, sweet limes, melons, and grapes are good fruits for summers.


Get more protein

Protein Sources

It is important to know what you are eating. Are you eating too many fats, carbohydrates or proteins? Summer is not the time for unhealthy fats and simple carbs – Proteins are what keep you cool, giving a natural, healthy glow to your skin and hair.

Lean meats like chicken, broiled fish, and beans are lighter though. 

Drink plenty of fluids


We lose tons of water with the summer sweat. Apart from drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water daily, fresh fruit juices are a wonderful way to stay hydrated and replenish the lost fluid. All you need for juices are fruits like watermelon, pomegranate, carrots, cucumber, aloe vera, etc. and blenders/cocktail mixers. The Everfresh portable smoothie blender comes handy to make quick smoothies and juices. Also, buttermilk, lemon, mint and ginger teas, Aam Panna and coconut water, are cool drinks for summer that not only keep you cool but also aid in digestion and help eliminate toxins. Here is an easy lassi recipe for those hot afternoons:

  • 1-part yogurt
  • 4 parts of water
  • ¼ tsp crushed cumin seeds
  • Pinch of rock salt or Himalayan pink salt
  • A few drops of rose water (optional)

Blend everything in the mixer and enjoy!

Cook right!

Cook Right

It is important to cook food right this season:

  • As far as possible, avoid deep frying foods.
  • Steaming, sautéing, roasting, baking or grilling are summer-friendly.
  • Use plenty of herbs - fresh and dried - to enhance the flavour of foods.

The mantra this Summer is to “Keep it fresh and light.”