A Senior's Guide to Enjoying the Monsoon Season

Breezy afternoon, beautiful skies, spectacular nature with lush greenery, is the perfect monsoon description. Monsoons is a season of delight! Not to mention, the flock of beautifully colored umbrellas and raincoats, we get to see on the streets. Here, we have an easy guide highlighting health tips, healthy monsoon foods, monsoon getaways and reading essentials to making this upcoming season joyous, memorable and fulfilling!

General Health Tips During the Monsoons

To enjoy monsoon to the fullest, it is wise to know the essential precautions to be taken to avoid falling sick and maintain good health. Here are some things that you can follow:

– The digestive system is vulnerable during the monsoon season, so it is advisable to keep your diet light and do not indulge in heavy meals.

– Let the rains not dampen your spirit, keep up your exercise regimes. Exercising helps you sweat out the extra moisture and potentially harmful bacteria.

– Personal hygiene is important during the monsoons. Try to stay away from dirty water as they are full of germs, also keep your hands clean at all times. Use an anti-bacterial solution or soap to keep hands sanitized.

– Infections of the ear, flu, common cold and eye infections such as conjunctivitis are common in the season, any symptoms must not be ignored.

– Keep yourself hydrated always. Even if you do not feel thirsty, it is essential to keep hydrating the body so that your immunity levels remain high and you do not feel lethargic.

Staying Indoors during the Monsoon Season

When it’s pouring heavily outside, you could best grab the opportunity to spend time with your family or friends over for a quick tea and snack session or a round of games. Playing games makes for spending quality time together, it creates priceless moments. There is always a good amount of laughter shared together, that can keep everyone, including seniors happy and healthy. Whether it is solitude you choose or indulging in a round of indoor games, the season will comfort you with its beauty! Here are some options to consider, for indoor games: – Card games: Bridge, rummy are all-time favourites. Fun to play in large groups, and also help boost memory, stimulating the brain. – Board games: Scrabble, carom, Ludo, monopoly or bingo, all of them bring people together. – Crossword puzzles or other interesting word games such as Spellathon, help weave a story. – Pictionary – Dumb Charades Are just a few to name. Indoor games are a fun way to learn how to follow rules, plan, pre-empt other players’ moves, strategize and stay focused.

Healthy and Essential Foods to Include in your Monsoon Diet

What is the fun in staying indoors without a healthy monsoon snack to enjoy amidst laughter and the sound of raining pouring? While a dose of chai and pakoras is mandatory, try limiting binging during the season. Instead, try to include these nutritious foods in your diet to endure the lovely monsoon season.

1. Dry fruits

Loaded with antioxidants, include plenty of dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates and prunes in your diet. These are rich in energy and boost immunity, which is much needed during this season.

2. Spices

Boost your immunity & keep your digestive worries at bay, by using spices like turmeric, mustard, asafoetida (hing), coriander, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, garlic, ginger and curry leaves.

3. Make Your Plate Colourful

Include at least three colors of vegetable and fruits in your daily diet. Avoid non-seasonal produce. Fruits like cherries, peaches and plums, are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and help fight against common infections occurring during the season.

To stay healthy during the season, foods that you must avoid:

Leafy Vegetables:

Say no to spinach, cabbage and cauliflower. The high moisture content in them makes them highly germ-friendly and hence they must be best avoided during the season. All vegetables, in general, must be washed well and thoroughly cooked.

Foods off Street Vendors:

Fresh foods exposed to monsoon air must be avoided, instead, consume fresh fruit juices prepared at home.


Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and prawns so avoid them. Chicken and mutton are better alternatives for your cravings for non-vegetarian food.

Fried Food:

High humidity during the monsoon slows down digestion. Eating fried foods can aggravate any digestive disorders, causing bloating or stomach upset.

Fizzy Drinks:

Fizzy drinks reduce minerals in the body, leading to reduced enzyme activity. This is best avoidable coupled with the condition of having a weak digestive system during the season


Great Travel Destinations during the Monsoon

Monsoons are a great time for travelling in India as you would witness green velvety landscape everywhere. The nip in the air also makes this a wonderful season to experience nature in its full glory. Well, not just that, tourist places aren’t too crowded, airfares are cheaper, and hotels are up for bargains, which is an added good news. Some places offer a glimpse of breathtaking beauty and calmness during the monsoon season. Here are the top three picks, that can be considered:


A beach lover’s dream, Goa is the ideal destination to enjoy relaxation and comfort. Seniors can spend hours on the gorgeous beaches savoring the delicious local cuisine along with pints of beer or fresh fruit cocktails. The city’s vibrant architecture and picturesque scenery also make it the perfect place to visit during the monsoon. The city is well-connected by roads and easily accessible from Mumbai or Pune. Travelling by train or air from other cities is also easy.



Don’t miss the dolphin show and cruises or the Aguada fort for a scenic view of the city. Don’t come back home without getting your hands on some of the popular local dishes consisting of rava fried fish, pork sorpotel, and chicken xacuti.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Popularly known as The Queen of Hills, Darjeeling is a popular tourist destination situated at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, making it the perfect monsoon destination to visit. Expect to see this beautiful hill station turn lively with heavy showers during the season. The city is well-connected to major Indian cities via the New Jalpaiguri station. Things you mustn’t miss are the toy train, Darjeeling monastery, Rangeet valley passenger cable car and of course a cup of authentic Darjeeling tea.

Udaipur/Pushkar, Rajasthan

The land of royal palaces, mystic forts and beautiful desert landscapes, brimming with the rich culture of heroic tales, is hard to miss in the rainy season. Most attractions in the state can be easily visited by seniors. When holidaying in Rajasthan, a royal feast awaits you, when it comes to gorging on the delicious Rajasthani kadi, dal baati churma, gatte ki khichdi and lip-smacking badam ka halwa. Get a blissful feeling of being royal reminiscing the past of Indian Rajas and Maharajas, while enjoying a myriad of palaces – the City palace, monsoon palace, lake palace and the beautiful Fateh Sagar lake in the city of Udaipur. Visit the beautiful city of Pushkar that offers you a soothing view of Rajasthan, giving you the best experiences – peacocks, camel rides, sightseeing and breathtaking street markets.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Reading Nook and Top Picks for Books to Read

Pitter-patter raindrops at the window accompanied by wafts of petrichor in the winds are the perfect setting to sit down with a book in your hands for hour-long sessions of reading. Still wondering where you’d be able to create that reading nook in the corner of your home? A small corner in your home that’s cozy & warm will make the perfect ambient for reading & relaxing. That being said, we’ll guide you through the most important steps that will help you create your very own reading spot. Dedicate a quiet, cozy corner in your house to the nook

To immerse yourself in a book, you’d need to reserve a corner in your home that’s quiet and peaceful, away from the usual hustle-bustle around the house and the traffic noise from outside. A nice, unused corner would make the space, even that bit special.

Get your books organized

Organize your books on a nice shelf standing tall in a corner around the space. A nice wall shelf will also help save some space. Get the seating right A comfortable leather cushioned chair that suits the space would be the perfect choice.

Add a petite-sized coffee table to add the oomph

A coffee table that will easily fit into the space would be a nice addition to the decor of your reading space. Place your cup of warm coffee or tea on the side as you curl up in your book. Good lighting is always a good idea Setup a warm lighting ambience for those late-night reading sessions. Good lighting makes the perfect setting for good reading.

A footstool would add to the comfort

A footstool will help you relax your legs with a book in hand, as you read. This also makes for a convenient place to rest and sit down as you browse your bookshelf for a copy of your favorite book or something to pick to read, as mood dictates. Setup a theme for decor

Let your nook develop a character of its own. Setup a theme for the nook’s decor so that you feel your own, whenever you step into it.

Avid readers and even casual readers will love our book collection: Pre-book these before the monsoon season to stock up your reading stash.


Happiness - His Holiness The Dalai Lama


The world’s foremost Buddhist leader’s views on the attainment of absolute happiness in day-to-day life are described in detail in the book -  Happiness – His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The book reveals much about his opinions in favor of ecumenical understanding, kindness and compassion, respect for the environment, and, above all, world peace. A must-read to achieve coherence of thoughts in understanding our goals and higher purpose in life.


Khullam Khulla - Rishi Kapoor

Khullam Khulla

An up close and personal biography of one of the most charming actors in Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor is the book Khullam Khulla – Rishi Kapoor. From playing a gawky teenager in the 1970 blockbuster, Mera Naam Joker to the mischievous ninety-year-old in Kapoor & Sons, 2016 to subsequently playing a quirky 75-year old son to Amitabh Bachchan in 102 Not Out, 2018, Rishi Kapoor has been an onscreen delight to watch, throughout these years. A foreword by son Ranbir Kapoor and an emotional afterword by Neetu Singh make this a stirring account of the Indian star’s life. A must-read for every Rishi Kapoor fan!


The Wit & Wisdom Of Ratan Tata - Ratan Tata

The Wit Wisdom

If there’s ever a time in your lives, when you need an extra nudge or need to re-define belief, this should be your go-to book to brighten your wisdom about life. The Wit & Wisdom Of RatanTata – Ratan Tata compiles the man’s determination, down-to-earth attitude, humility, his most defining moments and his intellectual curiosity. A great read for those who harbor the entrepreneurial spirit and can look up to the man for his experiences and his journey of success towards establishing one of the most remarkable business empires in India.


Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri


A masterpiece by exemplary author Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake is a magical story about the ordinary lives of Ashoke, Ashima & Gogol, their son. A curation of extraordinary relationships and strong characters, this critically acclaimed novel is any reader’s joy. If you’ve watched the ‘Namesake’, starring Irrfan Khan and Tabu, directed by Mira Nair and fell in love with the movie’s characters, then there’s even more reason for you to cling to the copy of this book.


Don't Lose Out, Work Out! - Rujuta Diwekar

Dont Lose Out Work Out

Looking for motivation to stay fit? Get all the tips you need to juggle a healthy lifestyle amidst the rushes of our modern lives. Famous nutritionist and trainer, Rujata Diwekar dismisses popular myths and fads related to exercise and diet. Don’t Lose Out, Work Out! – Rujuta Diwekar is a simple and effective guide to achieving the perfect balance between a nutritious diet and workout plans. So here are is a small collection of books that has the ability to change the way you think and feel and reflect. On the rack – Shop-worthy steals for the monsoon Don’t just buy umbrellas & raincoats this season, we have stacked up some great buys that you must invest in, to have a happy monsoon season!


Lizard Grip Anti Slip Floor Solution

Anti Floor Solution

The monsoon season creates some surfaces may to turn slippery around the house or in places outside, as people may step in with wet shoes.  Lizard Grip Anti Slip Floor Solution is an invisible floor treatment solution that helps prevent slip fall accidents on wet or dry surfaces, especially in bathrooms or anywhere else. Invest in this and you can have foolproof anti-skid surfaces, at home or outside.


Zebra Anti Slip Tape

Zebra Anti Slip Tape

The Zebra Anti Slip Tape will make your entire house or workspace slip-proof, making it a safer environment for children, pregnant women, ill persons, seniors, or pets. Especially, in the monsoon season when slipping and falling are common accidents, which can occur rampantly. These are a great buy to ensure such accidents, often leading to grave fractures and injuries, are avoided.


No Fall Gents Anti-Slip Split Toe Socks

Anti Slip Split Toe Socks

The No Fall Gents Anti-Slip Split Toe Socks are great for your comfort and safety while walking around your homes. These socks provide with an excellent grip on the floor to avoid slipping or falling. Perfect for use on both wet and polish surfaces in living spaces, washrooms, corridors and balconies.


Premium Natural Anti Mosquito Band

Anti Mosquito Band

The Premium Natural Anti Mosquito Band are natural mosquito patches that can be safely used for people of all age groups, including children. They are free from DEET, a common active ingredient found in most repellents, in addition, contain no harmful chemicals. The patches stay effective for as long as 12 hours and are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. Extremely essential to keep away from mosquitoes in the monsoons!


Bodyguard Natural Anti Mosquito Spray

Anti Mosquito Spray

The Bodyguard Natural Anti Mosquito Spray comes handy in the monsoon season to protect you from all mosquito woes. The spray contains natural ingredients such as citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and other herbal extracts that keep mosquitoes away without actually killing them!


Adult Easy wear Diapers

Adult Diapers

Adult Easy wear Diapers are a great solution for those suffering from the problem of incontinence. These pant style diapers help patients and old persons suffering from the inability to control their bladder and bowels. Invest in these, for a stress-free monsoon with all the ease and comfort that your loved ones need!

Go on and enjoy this season! Tell us your monsoon stories in the comments section below. Happy pitter-pattering!