Adaptive Senior-Friendly Cutlery for Easy Cooking and Dining

Aging can make it difficult for seniors to accomplish everyday tasks. Add to that possible conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s or even Parkinson’s, and daily chores start feeling like Mission: Impossible.

Take eating as an activity, for instance. People with conditions like the ones mentioned above often find it extremely tough to cook, serve or eat independently. Older individuals also lose strength and flexibility in their limbs, thus being unable to hold or handle utensils and related accessories.

To that end, companies and brands like lomoto, Home Puff and others have innovated to serve up simple-yet-revolutionary assistive products, feeding equipment, and systems that can assist senior citizens, specially-abled individuals and people with ailments like muscle pain, joint ache, shaky hands, weak grip, limited coordination, and even poor eyesight.

Here is Seniority’s pick of some handy products that you can incorporate in your kitchen and dining room along with their salient features and key benefits.

Adaptive Cutlery for the Elderly



1. 2-in-1 clever cutter


Chop through anything within seconds with this efficient tool in your kitchen! Its scissor-like blade, made from premium stainless steel, is razor-sharp. With a superior plastic handle that aids easy gripping, the cutter revolutionizes the way you cut food items. Its pressure handle is equipped with a spring that enables you to work quicker, no matter what you are cutting – vegetables, fruits or meat.

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          2.Angurello Melon Cutter


Love melons but find it too difficult to cut them to perfection? We have the perfect solution for you! This melon cutter tool enables you to cut and extract equal sized portions from watermelons. Slice, cut and serve just the right size of pieces with this innovative kitchen tool that brings together the functionality of a knife and the ease of tongs. Forget about messy old ways to slice your favorite melons and get home this handy melon cutting tool.

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         3.Salad Cutter Bowl

Specially designed to aid senior citizens to chop veggies and fruits effortlessly, the salad maker bowl gets rid of all the mess and chaos, giving them a straightforward way to cut vegetables for their preferred salads. All you need is a 7-inch knife and you can easily chop your salad ingredients using this Salad Cutter Bowl!

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        4.Modern Knives Set – Iomoto

Having a set of sharp and ergonomic knives is an absolute must for every kitchen, no matter what kinds of cuisines you are into. Iomoto’s ultramodern knife set looks like one big piece of steel, but it is actually a combination of four diverse knives that you can pull out from the main block. The knives are durable and also lend a touch of class and sharpness to your everyday cooking activity.

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       5.Infuser Spoon

An infuser spoon is essentially a tool that helps you add your favorite flavors and essence to food items by infusing herbs and spices. All you need to do is place the seasoning of your choice in the strainer, close the cap and place it in the pot you are cooking your soup in. Once ready, you can easily remove the colander and enjoy the flavored delicacy.

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        6.Silicone Kitchen Spatula Set


Cooking calls for not just the skills and expertise, but also the right mix of tools and ingredients. Whether you are an amateur or everyday chef at home, an effective spatula set is a must in order to work with things that you cook in bowls and pans. Flexible, attractive, heat/stain resistant and easy to use, the Silicone Kitchen Spatula Set is ideal for use on non-stick pans. Specially designed to adjust according to the contours of all bowls and pans, the spatula makes scraping and basting seem like child’s play. The accompanying brush makes it simple for you to clean up post cooking.

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        7.Measuring cups and spoons – 12 pieces


We already know how important it is to take the correct amounts of ingredients so you can serve up the perfect preparation, no matter what the dish. This set of measuring cups and spoons makes it easy for you to carry out your cooking and baking activities to the T. Manufactured using the highest quality of plastic and equipped with easy-to-grip handles, we reckon this is an essential twelve-piece set for every modern kitchen.


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       8.Premium Ice Cream Scooper with Grip Handle – Home Puff


Who doesn’t love ice cream?! But it is an absolute turn off when it gets difficult to scoop it out. If you are looking for something that can help you get those perfectly-spherical scoops from the family packs, look no further! Seniority presents Home Puff’s Premium Ice Cream Scooper that comes with an ergonomic handle and a super-sharp edge that makes scooping frozen desserts out very easy. The loop on the handle allows you to hang the scooper and save space, while its stainless-steel head ensures that it lasts longer.

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       9.Premium Beater with Grip Handle – Home Puff

Mixing is another daily cooking activity that seems like an uphill task when you don’t use the right tool. Whether you take beating eggs or mixing creamy cake batters, the whisk you use can make or break the mixture. This whisking/whipping instrument makes certain that you can blend your ingredients easily into a smooth mixture, much quicker than the traditional whisk. The stainless steel balloon whisk has silicone overmold on its wires, thus helping you scrape out the very last few drops of the batter or sauce without causing any damage to the bowls you use.

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These above items are just a few examples of adaptive utensils and cooking accessories for the elderly, handicapped or people with certain physical or health conditions. Scout our section dedicated to such products and select from a variety of options now!

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