1. 7 Best Self-Help Books Handpicked for You

    7 Best Self-Help Books Handpicked for You

    “Meri umar ho gayi hai, Ab main kya seekhunga/sekhungi ?” That does not sound right, does it? There is no age to learn, correct and evolve. In-fact science says that the more you learn a
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  2. #AgeNoBar With Dr. Ashok Sumant

    #AgeNoBar With Dr. Ashok Sumant

    Dr. Ashok Sumant talks about his journey as a doctor and why he will never retire till his last breath. His story: I have spent more than 50 years in treating patients and at the age of 70, self-su
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  3. #AgeNoBar with Parimal Gandhi

    #AgeNoBar with Parimal Gandhi

    As I look back on a life spanning six and a half decades, I see how it has stretched me to my limits. Four episodes of Cancer. One near miss. Blind twice, four corneal transplants with one coming up l
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  4. #AgeNoBar with Farokh Irani

    #AgeNoBar with Farokh Irani

    “It’s never too late to run behind your passion like wildfire...the ‘right time’ is whatever you choose to make it!” While growing up, he had a keen interest in food. While
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  5. #AgeNoBar with Snehlata Bhatnagar

    #AgeNoBar with Snehlata Bhatnagar

    “I look up the latest trends on the internet along with my grand daughters and make clothes for them — I feel like a designer!” She was married into a progressive family, where moved
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  6. #AgeNoBar with Arvind Athavale

    #AgeNoBar with Arvind Athavale

    “Sometimes I cannot believe that I’m holding a coin that’s 2000 years old!” A die-hard admirer of numbers who has managed to find salvation in the mysteries of coins. He has been
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  7. #AgeNoBar with Bharti Sanghvi

    #AgeNoBar with Bharti Sanghvi

    “Just make a small start and put your heart into it…the rest, the universe will take care of.” She taught at a primary school for 15 years. Post-retirement she often wondered what to d
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  8. #AgeNoBar with Lt Col Kumar Fulay (Retd)

    #AgeNoBar with Lt Col Kumar Fulay (Retd)

    "I’m 71 years old today and able-bodied but it’s not like that for everyone." A retired army veteran for whom discipline and direction played the most important role in his life. When tryin
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  9. #AgeNoBar with Navanita Parmar

    #AgeNoBar with Navanita Parmar

    “I know I’ll be dancing until my last day and when I go, I’ll go gracefully— and probably strike a perfect Bharatanatyam pose right before!” She knew she was born to dance,
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  10. #AgeNoBar with Ratnakar Pilankar

    #AgeNoBar with Ratnakar Pilankar

    “I’m 63! And trust me I still dream - I am still dreaming of winning a Grammy someday!” Coursing through the hardships of life, he found solace in art. Finding a balance between what
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