#AgeNoBar with Arvind Athavale

“Sometimes I cannot believe that I’m holding a coin that’s 2000 years old!”

A die-hard admirer of numbers who has managed to find salvation in the mysteries of coins. He has been intrigued by several passions in life but nothing comes close to his love for collecting these ancient reminders of our lineage. He has travelled places, learnt dialects and studied ancient history in his quest for Numismatics. Now at 69, he is learning a new language to understand the depths of this passion which has given meaning to his entire life.

His Story:

 “I’ve been fascinated with multiple things in my life — the biggest being numbers. I got my Degree in Mathematics, taught as a Math professor for two years and then joined my father’s business in Agriculture and Dairy. My fascination with numbers continued, but I found a new passion — roses. I entered multiple competitions, won them for my floral arrangements and then stumbled upon my biggest passion yet — collecting coins. Since the past 40 years, I’ve travelled to all parts of the country to collect coins — sometimes I cannot believe that I’m holding a coin that’s 2000 years old!  From Jehangir to Tipu Sultan’s era — I have coins from every major era in Indian History — it’s almost like this box is a dedication to India, through the years. I’ve collected over 500 such coins, and at 69, I’m still studying to keep my passion going. I’ve started taking Farsi classes because it’s necessary for me to know the language to be able to understand a little bit more about a particular era I’m interested in — I’m still hungry to learn, collect and build the best coin collection in the world.”    

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