#AgeNoBar with Lt Col Kumar Fulay (Retd)

"I’m 71 years old today and able-bodied but it’s not like that for everyone."

A retired army veteran for whom discipline and direction played the most important role in his life. When trying to keep himself occupied in the civil life, the ever-so-practical Colonel discovered joy and happiness in befriending and supporting those senior citizens who could not take care of themselves. Today, at 71, he plans to serve many more and build more soldiers like him in the senior care space.

His Story: "I served as a mechanical engineer in the Indian National Army for 25 years and that has been my greatest privilege. From demining the minefields during the 1971 war, to making bridges so that our Jawaans could cross over, my job entailed a lot of groundwork alongside the war.  Finally, when I did retire, I took up marketing at a company and as the administrator for two hospitals. It was a great change to be a part of civil life again, but I knew that the only way to deal with that change was to keep myself occupied. I began to conduct personality development coaching, gave talks, took up new courses until finally, I started doing something that gave me a lot of happiness — I formed an organization that looks after senior citizens. The organization is called Colonel’s cube and we teach youngsters how to take care of senior citizens, how to cater to their needs and all technical knowledge that is required for the same. Between the course of all this, I even published 3 books in Marathi. Honestly, the only reason I took it up was because I’m 71 years old today and able-bodied but it’s not like that for everyone. Somewhere, between taking these rational decisions, my pragmatic mind found happiness and purpose. I always had a direction and a compass in life, but now I’m beginning to understand passion as well. I still remember a very elderly woman who lived in my colony all by herself because her children were in the US — she had great difficulty managing even the basics. Me and My wife would help her out, take care of her when she needed it. Sometimes money is not the only thing the seniors need but friendship and company as well. She passed away some time ago and her belongings and the house are kept as is. That incident has a great impact on me and what I am working towards today."    

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