#AgeNoBar with Rukshaan Krishna

You may have to give up your passion to pay the bills…but your inner calling, the thing you were created for will never leave you.”

She inherited her enthusiasm for art but the twirls of life, kept her going in circles around her passion. She would always find herself feeling at home amidst art and artists. With a little support, finally, at the age of 48, she took to her calling, her inner voice. Today she’s 60+ and has opened her own gallery and thinks that all the dots in her life finally connect!

Her Story: “My father was an art enthusiast. Although we didn’t own any renowned pieces of art, he built up a good collection. From antiques to paintings, I grew up appreciating art.I wasn’t always the greatest student. I enjoyed subjects like History, Theatre and Visual Arts and ended up getting a degree in Mass Communications and my first job was in PR for a pharmaceutical company. I gave 17 and a half years to this company and I loved my job but eventually, they moved offices and because of a hip replacement, I couldn’t do the commute. So I decided to make a switch.I spent the next two years in an Ad agency, something I didn’t enjoy at all. I found myself skipping work and very often, it was to attend art shows at different galleries.I started spending a lot of my time with art curators and artists and I loved it. I felt like I was finally around like-minded people…I felt at home.This was another turning point in my life. I was 48, married and had a daughter, but I felt a pull I couldn’t ignore. I became obsessed with the idea of getting into the Arts, and with the support of my husband, I ended up quitting my job and flying to Baroda.I kept meeting one artist after another and finally, I started a studio for these artists that is still running today in Baroda. Back in Bombay, I couldn’t afford to buy every book, so I used to sit at Oxford bookstore for hours, teaching myself Art History.Eventually, 11 years ago, I put together my first show with the Barodian artists I met and worked with, at the Prince of Wales Museum. It became an annual show and this year “Barodian March” has completed 10 years!In 2008, I opened my first gallery space, and although it was small — it was my haven. I'd taken up 10 artists to manage and we participated in shows both nationally and internationally. This year, with a little push from my daughter I reopened my gallery in a new space, and tomorrow we’ll be putting up a display of an 80-year-old brilliant photographer!So this is what I’ve learnt through the years — you may not have it all figured out, you may have to give up your passion to pay the bills and not everyone will always understand you…but your inner calling, the thing you were created for will never leave you. It’s a voice within…listen to it, nurture it and give it time.  Don’t be disheartened, just know that eventually all the dots will connect and everything will make sense. I had to do PR and Advertising for 17 years before realizing my true passion — so give it time and enjoy the journey!”


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