#AgeNoBar with Xerxis Pavri

“At 63, I’ve found a new purpose, I can’t wait to have shot glasses from every part of the world!”

Since his childhood, he was an inquisitive soul. He always wondered about the places that he read about in his books and dreamt of a parallel world. His work took him everywhere but even when he retired his thirst for travelling didn’t subside. At the age of 60, he took the job of a ‘tour guide’ and travelled all around the world. He also picked up an interesting hobby of collecting shot glasses and today he has over 30 of them and the collection keeps growing!

His Story: “I’ve always been inquisitive. As a child, I wanted to know more about the places we read about, I imagined being there and meeting the locals — it was a parallel world, I loved being a part of. I dreamt of these faraway lands, but worked hard to find a career that fit — I became a trader of goods. My work took me everywhere — from the Far East to Europe until I got positioned in Muscat where I continued to trade and recruit. I loved this phase in my life — everything was new and exciting but over time, things started to change in the Middle East and I knew it was time to retire and come home. When I returned to Bombay, I was in a fix. I’d never married — I never found that person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I never forced it upon myself. But now that I was retired and didn’t have a lot going on, I knew I needed some sort of a plan to keep myself busy, even post-retirement.  I thought about what I felt most passionately about, and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and the only answer I got was ‘travel’. So at the age of 60, I joined a travel company and became a tour guide — I knew all these places so well now that I was the perfect man for the job! My USP was that I could give every family I took on tour a taste of being a local — they loved it and soon, people started requesting for me to accompany them! This way, I became a part of many families and my perspective on travelling kept shifting. I realized, that I wanted to take a little bit of the places I see, back with me. At 61, I started to collect shot glasses — they perfectly represented everything my life stood for — celebrating life and remembering the good times!  I have to hunt for these in some of the countries I visit, but that continues to challenge me and show me even more places…it’s the best idea I’ve had! I’ve collected about 30 of these so far and my collection keeps growing. All of my friends know about my hobby, so when they travel to new places, they always ask if they should get a shot glass for me! At 63, I’ve found a new purpose, and it may seem like a small hobby, but to me, it means the world…literally! I can’t wait to have shot glasses from every part of the world and the fact that I have such a long way to go is exciting — so many families I have yet to meet, so much of my world, I’ve yet to see and so many memories I have yet to create!”    

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