4 Amazing Ayurvedic Remedies to Common Ailments

India is both the birthplace as well as a breeding ground for the 5000-year old practice of Ayurveda. We all have childhood memories of our mothers forcing hot turmeric milk (or “Haldi ka Doodh”) down our throats. Apparently, “Haldi ka Doodh” (a common Ayurvedic medicine for cold used in Indian households) has become a rage in the West. It is being praised as the “Golden Milk”. This is not an isolated event; it has become a trend. When our ancient wisdom, which we often conveniently neglect, gains currency in the West, we re-import it at a heftier price tag. The West has repackaged Turmeric, Yoga, coconut oil, etc. and now these local products are gathering steam in India again.

But why is Ayurveda unique as compared to other systems of medicine?

It is one of the oldest scientific medical systems in the world, with a long record of clinical experience from Ayurvedic sages and scriptures. Other than being a form of medicine, Ayurveda is also a way of life that teaches us how to maintain healthy human systems and longevity. Ayurveda treats man as a “whole” – which is a combination of body, mind and soul. Therefore it is a truly holistic and integrative medical system. Ayurveda is the science of healing with herbs, fruits and minerals from nature’s bounty. The word “Ayu” means all aspects of life from birth to death. The word “Veda” means knowledge or learning. Hence Ayurveda indicates the science by which life in its totality is understood.  

Let’s have a look at some common ailments whose alternative natural cures lie in the science of Ayurveda:


The treatment of Arthritis through Ayurveda discourages any form of massage for the patients. Panchakarma massage therapies are quite useful in temporarily subsiding pain in Arthritic patients. It is recommended that seventy per cent of one’s diet should be raw foods, fruits, and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Instead of drinking tea or coffee one should switch to green tea. Treatment for Arthritis in Ayurveda has multiple benefits to offer and zero side effects. Ayurvedic treatments pacify the air deposited in the joints and remove the toxins from the body. But for the long-term benefits, one can try Dr. Vaidya’s Sandhivati, an Arthritis Medicine rich in ingredients like Maharasnadi Quath Ghan powder and Mahayograj Guggul powder. Sandhivati is an Ayurvedic combination of various herbal ingredients which helps reduce joint pain, muscular pain and severe diseases like arthritis.  



The causes of chronic Insomnia can be; a big change in the immediate environment, unhealthy habits, working shifts, certain medication, and other disorders. People suffering from chronic insomnia must seek medical treatment to eliminate the disorder. However, a few home remedies and Ayurvedic medicine for anxiety can also help prevent the same. Herbs with medicinal properties have been used for generations to treat several severe conditions – Insomnia is one of them. Chamomile, passion flower, valerian, St. John’s wort are a few herbs, which are popular in treating the same. Ayurvedic pills known as Unmadvati, help treat insomnia, anxiety, and stress. These pills are made of Brahmi, ShanKhavali, Jatamansi, Nagarmotha, and several other Ayurvedic herbs.


Cold & Flu

It is caused by a virus. Strangely, it has nothing to do with cold climates! It comes from other people. It’s just when it’s cold, people tend to be closer together, and are more likely to transfer germs. Cold & Flu is highly contagious. When an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks, the virus will travel as droplets through the air where it can be easily picked up by the next person. Ayurvedic remedies for Cold & Flu include Clove bud oil, Turmeric, Tulsi, Ginger juice etc. HerboKold an Ayurvedic medicine for cough, combines the healing properties of 6 trusted herbs to offer you instant relief.  


Boost Immunity 

Chyawanprash helps build the immunity to fight against the viruses that enter our body through the food we eat and destroys them completely. This Ayurvedic medicine has infused herbs and roots that will ensure that the body is healthy and you are immune to any kind of infections. Forget the clumsy sticky paste that we used to hate in our childhood and make way for this amazing Ayurvedic medicine that comes in an easy form of capsules called HERBOfit. Infused with Amla Ghan, Jayfal Ghan, Jayantri Ghan, Elaichi Ghan, Elcha Ghan, Nagarmotha Ghan, Jatamansi Ghan, Lavang Ghan, Taj Ghan, Teipatra Ghan, Shahiira Ghan, Dhania Ghan, Talis Patra Ghan, Kapurkachli Ghan, Nirbhishi Ghan, Gulab Ghan, Mastaki Ghan, Agar Ghan, Tagar Ghan, Abrakh Bhasma, Kesar Powder, this Chyawanprash will build your immunity and makes you feel healthier with is easier than ever consumption.   Although medical science has advanced to great heights, often times the best cure for an illness lies in our old traditional expertise. If we look towards nature, a resource present in abundance, instead of turning to man-made chemicals, we can keep ourselves away from the vicious circle of side-effects. Thus goes the popular saying, ‘If you embrace the herb, then you avoid the pill.’  

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