Bathroom Safety & Support

Bathrooms are perhaps the riskiest place in a house with smooth surfaces and water everywhere. They carry a risk of accidents occurring when you least expect them. But, you can easily avoid these accidents with small modifications in your bathroom. This post will talk about the injuries that can occur in a bathroom and how you can prevent them.

Why Is Bathroom Safety Important at Old Age?

In a typical bathroom, there is nothing that you can grab onto for support when you think you are losing your balance. There are far too many chances where one can slip and fall. While these risks are applicable to people of all ages, it is especially dangerous for seniors. Arthritis and joint pains can make it difficult to perform even simple tasks in the bathroom. Tasks like getting up or sitting down in the toilet, and bending down or reaching up to open cabinets, can all result in injuries.

Injuries That Can Occur in Bathroom 

Injuries that are caused by slipping in a bathroom can range from a simple bruise to a serious head trauma. Minor bruises and sprains are to be expected when you fall or twist your ankle. These can mostly be treated at home. Broken bones are also common and they can be anything from a minor break to a major fracture. If you fall on your back, then there are chances that you may have suffered a spinal cord injury in the form of a compression or severance of the cord. If you hit your head when you fall, then you must visit the doctor even if you feel fine. Head injuries can be dangerous if left unattended and therefore, should be treated immediately.

How Can You Prevent These Injuries?

Don't be scared after reading about all the injuries that can happen in the bathroom. There is good news for you. All of the injuries mentioned above can be easily prevented by making a few additions in your bathroom to help you.

1. Grab Bars on the Walls: Grab Bars on the walls will ensure that you always have some support to hold on to when you feel that you are slipping or losing your balance.

2. Foldable Arm Support: A foldable arm support helps you when you need to sit on the toilet and get up. These have a curved design that makes it easy to hold on to them.

3.Toilet Safety Rail: These are rails that can be installed around the toilet. If you have knee pain or arthritis, these are perfect for you. This way, you won't be putting stress on just one hand. This is the ideal support equipment for when you have to sit down on or get up from the toilet.

4. Height Adjustable Toilet Safety Rail: These are toilet rails that are also height adjustable. If you have different people using the same rails, then this is perfect for you. You can change the height to make it easier to use by everyone.

5. Vertical Aluminium Folding Arm Support: These are a different kind of arm support. While the ones mentioned above require you to hold onto them, this one allows you to place your arm on them horizontally. This way, there is less stress on your arm when you try to get up.

Make Your Bathroom Safer

Since you are looking for more support from these grab rails, you want something that is sturdy. The rails should also not be slippery as you will be using them when your hands are wet and they should provide proper support. Moreover, all of the support tools mentioned above can be easily installed.      

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