Revamp Your Decor - Ideas for your own Book Nook

Pitter-patter raindrops at the window accompanied by wafts of petrichor in the winds are the perfect setting to sit down with a book in your hands for hour-long sessions of reading. Still wondering where you’d be able to create that reading nook in the corner of your home? A small corner in your home that’s cozy & warm will make the perfect ambient for reading & relaxing. That being said, we’ll guide you through the most important steps that will help you create your very own reading spot. Dedicate a quiet, cozy corner in your house to the nook

To immerse yourself in a book, you’d need to reserve a corner in your home that’s quiet and peaceful, away from the usual hustle-bustle around the house and the traffic noise from outside. A nice, unused corner would make the space, even that bit special. Get your books organized

The world’s foremost Buddhist leader’s views on the attainment of absolute happiness in day-to-day life are described in detail in the book –  Happiness – His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The book reveals much about his opinions in favor of ecumenical understanding, kindness and compassion, respect for the environment, and, above all, world peace. A must-read to achieve coherence of thoughts in understanding our goals and higher purpose in life.

Khullam Khulla – Rishi Kapoor

An up close and personal biography of one of the most charming actors in Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor is the book Khullam Khulla – Rishi Kapoor. From playing a gawky teenager in the 1970 blockbuster, Mera Naam Joker to the mischievous ninety-year-old in Kapoor & Sons, 2016 to subsequently playing a quirky 75-year old son to Amitabh Bachchan in 102 Not Out, 2018, Rishi Kapoor has been an onscreen delight to watch, throughout these years. A foreword by son Ranbir Kapoor and an emotional afterword by Neetu Singh make this a stirring account of the Indian star’s life. A must-read for every Rishi Kapoor fan!

The Wit & Wisdom Of Ratan Tata – Ratan Tata

If there’s ever a time in your lives, when you need an extra nudge or need to re-define belief, this should be your go-to book to brighten your wisdom about life. The Wit & Wisdom Of RatanTata – Ratan Tata compiles the man’s determination, down-to-earth attitude, humility, his most defining moments and his intellectual curiosity. A great read for those who harbor the entrepreneurial spirit and can look up to the man for his experiences and his journey of success towards establishing one of the most remarkable business empires in India.

Namesake – Jhumpa Lahiri

A masterpiece by exemplary author Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake is a magical story about the ordinary lives of Ashoke, Ashima & Gogol, their son. A curation of extraordinary relationships and strong characters, this critically acclaimed novel is any reader’s joy. If you’ve watched the ‘Namesake’, starring Irrfan Khan and Tabu, directed by Mira Nair and fell in love with the movie’s characters, then there’s even more reason for you to cling to the copy of this book.

Don’t Lose Out, Work Out! – Rujuta Diwekar

Looking for motivation to stay fit? Get all the tips you need to juggle a healthy lifestyle amidst the rushes of our modern lives. Famous nutritionist and trainer, Rujata Diwekar dismisses popular myths and fads related to exercise and diet. Don’t Lose Out, Work Out! – Rujuta Diwekar is a simple and effective guide to achieving the perfect balance between a nutritious diet and workout plans. So here are is a small collection of books that has the ability to change the way you think and feel and reflect.  

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