Boys Time Out – Where Can You Go with Your Guy Friends in Summers?

Only in the movies, you’d say!

Not really! Even though for older Indians, holidays mean family time, or at the very least, spouse time.

A lifetime of putting the family first, and looking at the larger picture means that even in their golden years, seniors tend to holiday where the wife, kids, and grandkids want to go. But what about those times when you want to just bond with your band of buddies? Remember those heady youthful trips just for the fun of it? There’s no reason you can’t carve out a little male bonding time with your buddies just because you have grown a little older.

Studies show that friends can help you deal with stress better, and live longer and healthier. With loneliness fast becoming a pertinent issue in the lives of men as they get older, there is just no excuse for you to not take some time out and go for a holiday with your friends.

Remember that the fun is in the journey with friends. These are just four great holiday ideas for the places to visit this summer:

  • Explore the spiritual:

Explore the spiritual 

The world is a cultural melting pot with many different, glorious, and fascinating esoteric places just waiting to be explored. Exquisite temples in India or Bali, majestic mosques of the middle-east, quaint churches in Goa or Europe or the sparkling gurudwaras across our country, peaceful monasteries - we have it all in abundance. Spiritual journeys – historically more of “Me” and “Alone”- can be more enriching when shared with friends.     

  • Head to the Hills:

Head to the hills 

Breathing in the clean mountain air is good for health – What could be better than a summertime break in a cooler part of the country. Whether it is in the foothills of the Himalayas or a hill-station closer home, being with friends will make it all cooler and fun.

  • Vacation Abroad:

Vacation abroad 

If you and your friends have the budget and can make the time then why not take a trip abroad? It isn’t only the young Bollywood hunks of “Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara” who can have a rocking time away from home – minus the romance of course if you have your ladies waiting at home!  Exploring a different country and culture can be a fascinating experience to share with friends. You don’t have to travel far either if you don’t want to. Places like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore and Thailand are all within easy reach of India.

  • Hit the Beach:

Hit the beach

The soft sand and crashing waves make for the perfect setting to unwind with your friends. India’s mainland has over 5000 km of coastline, so you can take your pick in terms of destinations for a trip to take with your best friends – you could try Goa, Pondicherry, Konkan coast, Kerala and more.

Get planning. A summer of adventure awaits!

"We didn't realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun."