Celebrate Smarter – Start New Traditions

Age alters perspectives, maybe subtly, but undeniably. Festivals that were just fun in childhood become more meaningful in the middle-years, and we cherish their significance even more as we age.

But, how can we change the way of celebrating a Festival? – And, why should we? - You may ask.

But change we must; sometimes to keep up with the changing times; at other times, to be mindful of one’s health; or, to be in synch with our kids, and maybe even grandkids.

This needn’t necessarily take away the solemnity of the occasion or dilute the faith or fun.


“Bring the Twist” to the celebration

Festival Celebration

Festivals are occasions to decorate homes, dress in traditional finery, and bond with our loved ones over day-long fasts, cooking delicacies and then feasting together. Since the families are no longer ‘joint’, bring in the fun and the numbers – why not take the lead and include neighbours/friends to celebrate together?

-      You could invite friends of your kids or grandkids for the celebrations.

-      Like-minded seniors could bring their families together to lighten the slogging in the kitchen while building camaraderie.

-      Assign tasks, delegate duties to the younger members and their friends.

-      Have demos of making your signature dishes or decorating traditionally. Involve the boys – no gender-bias! They got to slog and get their hands dirty in order to enjoy the goodies later! Your child/in-law will thank you for the free help in the kitchen.

In these times of the “forever time-crunch,” festivals could be perfect occasions to connect with the next generation(s) and to pass on bits of traditions to those who understand and appreciate their value.


“Be the Trendsetter”


Decorations, traditional attire, and practices can be revived and even made trendy! Be ready to become a fashion-designer...or better still, a fashion-icon, if you can whip out old photos of a young “You” in those clothes to inspire the retro vibe!!  


“Add your Flavour” to the happiness potluck

Potluck Celebration

Visiting your son or daughter, in another city or country?  Make celebrations an opportunity to get to know their friends, the new culture, and give them a glimpse into your own. Young or old, there is nothing like exotic food, anecdotes, and tales of another time and place, to tickle taste-buds and curiosity, to add to a fun-filled celebration.


“Be the Change” for a better world

Holi Natural Colours

No more costly, unhealthy & environmentally damaging frills. Who better than the wiser, older ones to lead the way in advocating the healthy, natural alternatives? Skin-friendly, safe colours (for Holi) from flowers, oil-lamps for decoration, rice-powder for drawing ‘rangoli,’ the list is endless.

Simple can be beautiful when the celebration is seen as gratitude – for nature, love and all of life’s bounty!

Let’s be smart as we celebrate!