Choosing the Right Pillow for Senior Citizens

We have all grown up listening to our elders telling us the importance of maintaining a good posture. However, due to different reasons, whether it is the nature of our work or lifestyle habits or plain ignorance, we tend to make a mess of our bodies as we grow older.

With ageing comes an entire range of physical problems – backaches, weak spines, unstable lower body, hip injuries, neck problems, lower back pain and whatnot. And that, in turn, calls for remedies and aids for the effective management of these problems.

While the general aim should be to keep your body and spine as straight as possible, for senior citizens, it is slightly different. For the elderly, the body needs to be in an always-aligned and neutral position.

This is where the products that you use become so very important in the effective management of any preexisting conditions and preventing any potential damage to essential body parts such as the back and the neck.


Understanding different types of pillows and their usage

Pillows have been in use since centuries and are common in Indian households, hotels and old-age homes, but using the ‘wrong’ kind of pillow can prove to be harmful in the long run.

No matter how soft and comfortable that pillow on the king-sized bed in your hotel room looks and feels, it is not right for you. On the flip side, the extra-hard ones are not great either. This buying guide has been written to give you the complete lowdown on what types of pillows and cushions are ideal for your body and can be used at different places – beds, office chairs, couches and even while travelling!

And believe it or not, but manufacturers and brands have gone a step ahead and even designed a few that can help relieve muscle spasms, aches, bedsores and several other problems.

Here is a look at some varied options that you can choose from, depending on your needs (or condition):

  1. SLEEPING - You might have worked hard all your life, pulled off all-nighters and woken up early in the morning to make the most of your day – all in the hope that you will one day get old and live a relaxed life, where sleep will be the priority. Unfortunately, the elderly generation and sleep do not go hand in hand in most cases. Whether it is muscle spasms, cervical issues, postural problems or neck pain, sleep is elusive amongst senior citizens. What’s more – using poor pillows and cushions can make these conditions even worse.  Hence, it is vital that you use a pillow that is designed to deliver a peaceful slumber.


Cervical Pillow - Regular - Vissco

This cervical pillow has been moulded from high-density polyurethane foam that ensures the pillow won't lose shape even after prolonged use. The unique design maintains the neck in slight hyperextension, thus providing optimal muscle relaxation and proper support to the head and neck during sleep.

Cervical Pillow - Samson

The memory foam pillow is an ideal product to get rid of unwanted stiffness and pain in the neck while sleeping. The pillows contoured shape provides greater width when the user is lying on the side, it provides support to the natural curve of the neck.

Sleep Buddy Pillow 02 – Star

Relieve the stress on your head, upper back, neck and shoulders and keep your upper body in a great position while you sleep with the Sleep Buddy Pillow 02 by Star. Luxurious and specially designed to provide ample support your muscles prone to aches while you sleep, this highly breathable pillow uses thermo-regulating cooling gel technology to deliver a cool and pleasant feeling through the night. The contour pillow has been crafted to allow even distribution of weight and easy capturing and diffusion of heat.



Cervical Pillow (Round Soft) - Vissco

This efficient Round Cervical Pillow helps maintain normal lordotic posture of the cervical spine and prevents muscle pain in the neck. The pillow is ideally used for lower back pain cases and cardiac patients.

Musical Neck Pillow And Aloevera Eye Mask Combo

Ergonomically designed to fit your neck and shoulders. Relax and listen to your favorite music with MP3 connector and built in speakers. The Musical Neck Pillow delivers an instant personal relaxation experience. It is lightweight and portable, making it the perfect companion during long journeys.


Gel Coccyx Seat Cushion – Pedder Johnson

Those suffering from tailbone injuries find it tough to be seated on regular chairs or seats. This SOI Gel Coccyx Support Seat Cushion is gel based, making it ideal for such individuals. Its gradient wedge shape (tapered front part) and coccyx cut out for the tailbone allows you to sit comfortably for hours together without any uneasiness and promotes good posture. It has a unique polymer gel molecular composition which makes it durable and better in comparison to foam or spring-based cushions. The cushion has a convenient handle and is very lightweight, making it extremely portable.

Cool Seat Pad – Star

This beautiful little cushion never loses its shape! The comfortable seat pad has heat-absorbing gel, enabling you to feel at ease wherever you sit. Designed to deliver optimal support to the tailbone, sciatic nerve, coccyx and lower back, the Cool Seat Pad is portable and flexible, too. You need neither refrigeration nor electricity to activate the cooling – it happens automatically through your body heat.



Back Support Pillow with Vibration – Star

This good-looking multipurpose pillow has a gentle vibrator with two speed adjustments and is made up of high-density foam so you can get rid of pain and fatigue. Extremely versatile, this pillow can fit any chair or sofa snugly. The pillow comes with a car plug and a power adaptor.


Bed Comfort Wedge - Seniority

Bed Comfort Wedge Pillow from Seniority is designed to promote proper positioning of the body for people suffering from esophageal reflux issues. The ergonomically crafted wedge pillow provides support to head, shoulders, torso, legs, and knees and help relieve respiratory discomfort & aid easy breathing.


Coccyx Cushion Soft - Flamingo

This Soft Coccyx Cushion provides pain relief for the lower back and coccyx area. This can be a particularly delicate and sensitive area when it comes to sitting for long periods and this cushion is designed to reduce the pressure on the base of the spine.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Seniority also houses a wide assortment of orthopaedic travel neck pillows, lumbar support pillows, back rests and other foam and gel-based cushions and pillows you can choose from.

Check out our variety of daily living aids and order your preferred pillow online now!    

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