Coccyx: Overview, Causes, Prevention, and Care tips

A majority of our time during the day and lifetime goes in sitting. It can be in a car, public transport, office desk or on a couch at home. If the sitting posture starts to cause you discomfort then it can be a very annoying experience which can disrupt your concentration and body posture. Most of the times this discomfort causes lower back pain and unfortunately, lower backache is spreading like an epidemic. This lower backache is mostly due to the pain in the tailbone, and in medical terms, tailbone is known as coccyx and the coccyx pain is termed as Coccydynia.


Let’s find out what is coccyx bone and the reasons for its pain?

The coccyx is a triangular structure which is located at the bottom of the human vertebral column. The coccyx bone comprises 3 to 5 bony segment that is held together with ligaments and joints.

Causes of coccyx pain or tailbone pain

Most of the injuries happen due to our ignorance and lack of knowledge.

The common causes of coccyx pain are –

  • An accidental injury or sudden force. For example – Fall off the ladder or slipping down from stairs
  • Extra pressure on the tailbone area due to a long period of sitting on a Non-Ergonomic or hard chair.
  • During the birth of the child, the baby’s head may press against the woman’s tailbone and push it backwards.

Why the coccyx is considered vestigial?

The human body has evolved over a period of many generations. Hence there are some organs that do not come in use in the present form of the human body. The coccyx is a remnant of the tailbone of our ancient ancestors who used to have a tail many centuries ago. As it is a remaining part of the organ the human body which does not have any more it is called a vestigial organ. The examples of other vestigial organs in the human body are body hair, mammary glands or breasts in males, wisdom teeth, the vermiform appendix etc.

Are you facing issues with Coccyx pain? Here’s how to deal with it.

If you are experiencing coccyx pain you need to take immediate precaution so to not aggravate it further. When you are about to sit, you should lean forward while sitting down. Secondly, invest in good tailbone support (coccyx cushion). The cushions are designed specifically for the tailbone support and help take the pressure off as a result of sitting all day. You can find people using these cushions in car, truck, planes, buses, office chair, home etc. Doctors also recommend it for a pregnant woman. Invest in a decent cushion or else, it will be a waste of money.

Few quick tips that will help you to control and reduce the Coccyx pain:

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic is one of the best treatments you can take to reduce coccyx pain. If the tailbone alignment has moved then getting a chiropractor to rectify the misalignments can reduce the pain.

● Manipulation

Manipulation is basically done through the rectum. It involves massaging the muscles attached to the tailbone.

Physical therapy

A physical therapist can help you to understand the technique of pelvic floor relaxation. For example, relaxing your pelvic floor by deep breathing.

Exercise and stretches

Exercise and stretches is another helpful way of treating coccyx pain. You can ask a personal trainer or expert to guide you with the exercises.

Heat and Cold application

You can apply heat pad or cold pad to the affected region to get relief from any soreness.

If the tailbone pain does not improve it is best recommended to consult a specialist. The right medical advice and care will help bring relief to the Coccyx pain

Is there any permanent cure for Coccyx pain?

Cure of coccyx pain is dependent on the intensity of the injury and pain. The best cure is to prevent it from happening or taking measures in the early stages itself.

In a more serious case, surgery is done to completely remove the tailbone. Surgery is mostly the last resort when everything else fails. Many people have got relief after surgery but it may take several months to see the results.

However, if Coccyx pain is not a severe case and surgery is not the suggestive treatment for you, you can opt for a technologically advanced cushion that will help to maintain the accurate back support and ease pressure from your back. With the help of such support cushions, it not only reduces the pain to a greater extent but also, it protects you from getting worse.

Below are some of the varieties of different back support cushions

Tailbone Support (Coccyx Cushion) – Samson

Tailbone Support

This cushion is made with heavy-duty foam which assists in giving support to your tailbone.


Orthopaedic Seat Cushion with Cooling Gel - Viaggi

Cushion With Cooling Gel

This cushion comes with cooling gel to give you dual benefit of support and coolness to your sore back.


Support Cushion

Support Cushion

The cushion is specially designed to make hard chairs comfortable for long hours of sitting.


Back Support Memory Foam Cushion - Magasin

Back Support Foam Cushion

The cushion is made from memory foam and is an orthopaedic and ergonomic lumbocare cushion specially designed to give strong and firm support to the lumbar part of the spine.

Online e-commerce platform Seniority has a plethora of back support options which you can purchase by sitting at the comfort of your home with just a click of a button.

Due to today’s sedentary lifestyle, Coccydynia or Coccyx pain is a common condition nowadays. But don’t let it take away your freedom to live life. Seeking preventive measures against the condition is a must before it’s too late. If you see any sign of such pain, then tailbone support cushion is a must for you. Do not delay in taking the right preventive measures in the early stages of coccyx pain.