Complete Guide to New-Generation Hot Water Bags

We are no aliens to hot water bag therapy. Since childhood, you must have seen your grandparents and parents use this method of delivering heat therapy to certain areas of the body for relief from various conditions. And while some may consider this to be an old-school technique of dealing with body ache, it is still very relevant and efficient. The fact that hot water bags are still around itself is a testimony to the effective therapy they manage to provide. Our guide will help you understand the concept of hot water bags, how they work when to use them and how to use them. In addition to this, we have also handpicked some of our bestselling (and our customers’ favourite) hot water bags.

What are the hot water bags? Traditionally, hot water bags or containers were made from rubber and filled up with hot water. The bag or container also had a stopper at its mouth (to avoid spilling or leakage). Hot water bags are basically pain relief aids that help alleviate any discomfort through the local application of heat. A globally popular phenomenon, this form of heat therapy is extremely effective not just in terms of efficiency, but also when it comes to cost, size and user-friendliness.

When is the right time to use hot water bags? Hot water bags can be used to treat or relieve a wide array of conditions and physical discomfort, including the following:

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Pulled/tense muscles

  • Upper back pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Cervical pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Elbow pain

  • Knee pain

  • Sore stomach

  • Headache

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Blood circulation problems

  • Joint pain

  • Arthritis

  • Aches related to cold and flu

Apart from the aforementioned conditions, hot water bags are also effective as bed warmers. The non-explosive design of modern hot bags ensures that it is easy for you to use them in cold winters to spread a bit of warmth while you sleep.

Best Hot Water Bags Available Online in India

  1. Hot Water Bag - Pedder Johnson

Hot water bag (blue)

Pedder Johnson’s affordable hot water bag comes with a leak-proof screw and is fantastic for relieving any aches that one may experience in cold conditions. You can also use this product to apply heat to a specific body part or use it to provide warmth while sleeping. The bag delivers effective heat therapy for various types of joint pain, muscular aches, menstrual cramps, backache, arthritic pain, rheumatic pain or aches related to excessive physical activity. Its stopper cork is made from high-quality plastic.

  1. Super Deluxe Non-Electric Hot Water Bag (2500 ml) - Hicks

Non-electric hot water bag

Hicks’ non-electric hot water bag can hold up to approximately 2000 ml water and delivers a relaxing, therapeutic massage. Manufactured from the highest quality of rubber, it provides great relief from cramps and muscle or joint pain. The hot water bag, once you fill it up with hot water, stays warm for long periods of time and aids easy transfer of heat and warmth to the aching areas of your body and its super-deluxe size means you can use it for larger surface areas such as the upper and lower back easily. This hot water bag is leakage-proof and ensures that there is no spilling of water. Easy to fill and drain out, the manual hot bag does not require an electrical connection. It is ideal for both men and women (and extremely safe for senior citizens as well).

  1. Double Side Ribbed Non-Electrical Hot Water Bag (Red) (2000 ml) - YBM

Non-electric hot water bag

YBM’s red hot water bag is one of the best heat therapy products you will find online in India. This bag is double sided and manufactured from a high-grade rubber material. With a volume capacity of 2000 ml, this stoppered container is 100% leak- and spill-proof. It does not require electricity or batteries and can be filled up with hot water easily. Its ribbed design ensures that it stays in place and doesn’t slip away, while also delivering the ideal amount of warmth to the user. This double-sided hot water bag is great for relieving cramps, sore back, arthritis, tight muscles and joint pain. The product can be used by both men and women and comes in a universal size, making it simple for individuals of any age to use.

  1. Rubber Water Bag - K Kudos

Rubber water bag K kudos

Bid adieu to body ache, injuries and menstrual cramps with this handy rubber water bag by K Kudos! Fitted with heat-resistant polypropylene screw stopper and a rubber safety seal that prevents leakage or spillage, this hot water bag is perfect for every home. The compact bag is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It has a wide opening on top that aids easy filling of hot water and its ribbed surface ensures that the product transfers optimal heat to the user’s body. This rubber water bag helps maintain the required temperature for long periods of time. Whether you have a sore stomach, aching back, muscular tension or any other type of pain, this hot water bag is perfect for you. It also doubles up as a bed warmer, delivering a good night’s sleep (especially during cold winter nights). The product can also be used when you are suffering from a bout of cold and flu. Travel-friendly and extremely convenient to use, K Kudos’ rubber water bag is just what you need!  

  1. Hot Water Bag Super Deluxe - Easy Care

Hot Water Bag- Easy Care

Known for their massive range of everyday living aids and pain relief products, Easy Care brings to you another phenomenal product – the super-deluxe hot water bag. The classic design of this bag helps in alleviating aches and pain related to stress, cramps, arthritis, stiffness, soreness and swelling. The advanced thermoplastic helps hold the heat for longer periods of time, thus making it an ideal bed warmer, too. All you need to do is fill it up with hot water, seal it with the stopper and apply it to whichever part of your body needs heat therapy! Its handy spillage anticipation plug is provided for additional convenience. Its anti-explosive design can bear up to 500 kgs of human weight! The explosion-proof hot water bag can hold up to 2000 ml of water and the outside of the product has a non-skid surface.  

  1. Hot Water Bag (2000 ml - Pack of 2) - Star

Hot water bag (2000ml-pack of two)

Star’s pack of two hot water bags is perfect for Indian households with individuals who suffer from different types of pains and aches quite frequently. These hot water bags help increase the flow of blood when applied to specific regions of the body through effective heat therapy. They deliver ample warmth to the user, offering a comforting and soothing experience. Available in assorted colours, Star’s hot water bags are extremely beneficial for users of all ages. They help relieve joint stiffness, muscle soreness and a wide degree of body aches, injuries and spasms. With a handy leak-proof feature and high-quality material, these hot water bags are a must-have!

Directions to use hot water bags The only precaution you need to take while using a hot water bag is with reference to the temperature of the water being used. Avoid using boiling water to fill up the hot bag, since it might lead to overheating and also cause burns or boils in case some of it spills or leaks out.

Here is a step-wise breakup of how you should use hot water bags:

  • Hold the bag in an upright position.

  • Unscrew the bag and fill it up with hot water to a maximum of two-thirds of its capacity.

  • Using your hands, expel the excess air out.

  • Screw the stopper tightly.

  • Hold the bag upside down to check for leakage.

  • Apply the bag externally to an aching part of your body.

  • You can even lie down on top of the water bag while sleeping.

  • Once you are done using the product, remove the stopper and drain out all the water.

  • Hang the hot water bag upside down and allow it to dry naturally.

Also, don’t use ANY other fluid apart from water in a hot bag. There is a reason why it is called a hot ‘water’ bag, right? Just kidding. We Indians love to experiment at home, so we just thought it would be better if we gave out this little disclaimer.

Are hot water bags safe for senior citizens and pregnant women? Yes, hot water bags are safe for use by the elderly and by pregnant women, too. There are no side effects or harmful effects of using hot bags. People of any age and gender can use them for a relaxing experience. However, make sure you only buy hot water bags from trusted sources. At Seniority, we only offer products manufactured by reliable brands.

Check out our wide variety of pain relief products and health aids online at Seniority and order your favourites now! We will ship them to your doorstep at no extra cost!

If you have any additional questions about the usage of hot water bags or bottles, leave your comment in the section below and we will get an expert to answer your queries.