Did You Know – You Can Change the Name of the Passenger in IRCTC Now?

You’ve seen those times when booking train tickets or then cancelling those tickets meant preparing a picnic basket (complete with 2 meals, snacks and rehydrating liquids) and sacrificing your whole day in the long queues at the railway reservation centres. Then came agents who did that job for you but then you had to chase them instead, and beg them to do it on time. When IRCTC came in with online reservations you thought train travel would get easier and to a certain extent it did.

To plan a trip which includes travelling by train, you know that getting a reservation on the overcrowded trains has to be better planned than “the surgical strikes”- otherwise you might be left “seatless” and scrambling for last-minute uncomfortable options. All images are just for the reference and can be replaced wherever needed.

So, you decide way in advance (say about 2 months ahead) and plan your trip. You log on to IRCTC website that promises of convenient travel, tourism and catering – to the millions of Indians who flock to the trains throughout the year and if you get lucky you will have a “Confirmed” ticket.


But life has other plans in store for you. What if you can’t travel at that point in time? You do not want to lose that ticket (and let the planning go in vain) - instead, you have somebody else lined up to take your place.
Now you want to change the name of the passenger in IRCTC? But is it even allowed?

Well, till a few months back you couldn’t do that. The process was just not helpful. You just had to cancel your ticket – with the new proposed passenger having to try to book a fresh ticket altogether – almost “Mission Impossible”. 

IRCTC heard the cries for help and has now allowed an option to change the passenger's name in your confirmed e-ticket!


Sounds like a whole new process and a headache?  Not really, the process is simple; all you have to do is:

Reservation Centre

1. Carry a printed copy of your confirmed e-ticket booking to the nearest Railway Reservation Office at least 24 hours before the departure of the concerned train

2. Carry a valid ID proof of the passenger to whom the ticket is being transferred to

3. Make this request in writing

4. Remember that tickets can only be transferred:


  • To the father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister of the current passenger
  • Or to a government servant who needs to travel on duty, who has relevant authority, and who makes a request 24 hours prior to the departure of the train

5. You can avail this service only once in a journey

Well, we think apart from family members the ticket should have an option to get transferred to a co-worker or a colleague too. Professionally, it would make sense. Although, we aren’t complaining. Great job IRCTC.